Cloud Storage Solutions For Off Site Backups?


I am working in Oregon and as you may know by now, the Recreational Marijuana Market is exploding. We are working with many of them.

One of the requirements for such facilities is that they have an offsite backup for their 30 days of recorded video footage for each camera.

What are some good Cloud Storage Solutions out there that could meet these needs and be easily accessible?


James, have you already picked a recorder on-site? I ask because getting a system that does backup for an existing on-site recorder is rarer than one that has its own recorder / device on site (e.g., Eagle Eye Cloud VMS Tested).

Full disclosure, I work for Eagle Eye Networks.

We are seeing a lot of customers use Eagle Eye for that market, not only in Oregon but also Washington and Colorado.


To be clear though, Eagle Eye does not integrate with other / existing recorders, correct?

My point is that if they want to use Eagle Eye for this, they would have to use you as the recorder and the archive.

John -

You're correct, we are not cloud storage for other VMS systems, our product is a VMS with integrated storage. Think of it like or Gmail, an application and storage of its data in a single service.


Yes. We often use ICRealtime or Hikvision recorders. ICRealtime has their MyCloud solution for cloud storage, however, it only works with ICRealtime, so those situations where it seems best to use a different brand, we are at a loss for a cloud storage solution.

I haven't had a chance to specify it yet, but i know Genetec has some cloud services that I believe will work for your scenario. If you have a contact there I would reach out to them. If not let me know and i can get you in contact with some good folks over there

Depending on the level of availability you need, Amazon has a wide variety of cloud storage options. S3 Glacier is just $0.007/GB stored.

Jon, how does one interface / connect / retrieve video between a regular VMS / NVR and S3?

What VMSes or recorders are integrated with FastGlacier? I do not see any listed.

If you have a Windows based VMS server (common), then you simply use the FastGlacier app as part of your backup strategy. I wouldn't assume it would integrate with the VMS directly. For non-Windows devices, some integrate directly with Amazon Cloud, like Synology. Or, if it is a simple DVR/NVR, you could use FTP that is built into almost every one I've used. You could even add a Synology drive to your setup for a local backup/Amazon gateway combo.

I now see what you are asking John. You are expecting something more of an integrated solution versus an offsite backup. I don't have anything to offer without knowing which VMS/DVR/NVR they would be using. I'm pretty sure it would be pretty hard to have a single solution integrate with every VMS/DVR/NVR.

I'm pretty sure it would be pretty hard to have a single solution integrate with every VMS/DVR/NVR.

Here's a possible solution: