Clinton Electronics HD-SDI Cameras And DVRs

Ok Guys - here is the situtation: My customer has Clinton Electronics Cameras and DVRS and wants to add a few cameras and place cameras in 2 additional buildings with new DVR's in each - they do not truly want to go Network Cameras and are not unhappy with their existing Cameras and DVRs but would like better video quality than they currently have - I looked at Clinton Electronics HD selection and the video looks good and pricing is fair. What are the drawbacks on doing this and would you yourself propose this over NetCameras?

Background: HD-SDI Vs HD-CVI Vs HD-TVI Vs HDcctv? and HD Analog vs IP Tutorial

The biggest question is whether to go HD-SDI instead of the other analog HD technologies.

Roughly, what type of pricing are you seeing per camera from Clinton? In general, HD-SDI pricing is a lot higher than the analog HD options (CVI and TVI).

In terms of non-IP vs IP, I'd go non-IP primarily for smaller deployments where scale and sophisticated options are not the priority.

The 16 Channel HD-SDI DVR with 9TB of storage is less than $2000 my cost.2MP Dome with IR and 3-9mm auto zoom lense my cost $250, 2MP 2.8-10mm true day/night with IR dome less than $200. Pricing seemed fair compaired to other 2MP cameras.

That's pretty good if it includes 9TB of storage. Cameras are solid price for varifocal.

Analog HD might be slightly cheaper but since customer is happy with Clinton, seems to be a solid solution to continue.

I have dealt clinton cameras and DVR's for about 4 years now and they are a great company to work with, based out of Chicago so getting a hold of them or showing up at their front door is very easy.

But i have not dealt with their HD DVR line, a few questions I would ask is does their HD DVR's talk to the analog ones so you can use their software to view them? Getting signed up to deal clinton is easy and they do credit or FOB terms.