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Opinions On Clinton Electronics

Anyone have any opinion on Clinton Electronics for performance/reliability they would like to share? Thanks in advance.

From what I can tell, they are like Speco but with less of Speco's bullshit claims - a mid level, analog centric manufacturer. We don't cover them because they have very little in IP. That said, I have never heard anything bad about them.

Only recent IPVM coverage was on their Anti-Spider Cameras - Gimmick Or Breakthrough?

I used them a lot at my former job. We had very little problems with them and their support was decent as were their sales people.

I have had pretty good dealings with them. I started more than 4 years ago. They listen to feedback from the field and make design changes to camera models accordingly. I also like their compression BNC's. I have recently introduced Clinton to my new company and so far, I have not been let down. I know they are releasing IP soon and look forward to it.

We have been using Clinton for about 8 years. Great smaller company that has that family owned feel. Good, reliable products for the most part. We had a bad string of HDD's in their DVR's a few years ago which had me go elsewhere for a year or so but now I am back for the last 2 years and I've had no problems. The Shadow is a lot of bang for the buck!

Best quality print catalog in the industry. :-) I too have high regard for the "feel" and staff at Clinton but since we don't do analog video in our integration practice very often we can't add any more insight that the Undisclosed posters above. If the culture and approach carried over to a strong IP video line they could rock the world.

Thanks for the great responses. I am looking for an alternate vendor and it sounds like Clinton will be my choice. Thanks again.

Today I called Clinton Electronics requesting a catalog and price list. When I asked if they manufacturered the cameras themselves, the gentleman said they purchase parts from Korea and assemble here in the states. I've never specified their products because a) I've never heard of them, and b) all of my projects are IP. They offer a dashboard camera and wonder if it's worth the money!


I saw their recent promotion for their dashboard cameras.

Even if their dashboard cameras are similar quality as direct imported ones, one benefit may be support / service. The problem we have seen with even 'good' dashboard cameras is zero support from unknown manufacturers.

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they have been one of our suppliers for approximately 6 years. We have never had one issue. I would agree with remarks that service and sales support are well above average.

Ill tag onto this, I has been using Clinton cameras for about 5 years now. These cameras have been rock solid, the in house sales guy I work with (Brian Elliott) has never let me down, shown interest and offered up alternatives to better suite my needs. I use them for all my analog stuff. Support is great, they answer my questions and speak English natively.

Clinton now has a limited IP line of three cameras: minidome, minidome wtih integrated IR and bullet. They're not yet embraced by Milestone so we'd have to bring the camera in via ONVIF and that has kept me on the sidelines for now. I appreciate the cautious approach to developing and thoroughly testing an IP line rather than just slapping a label on Chinese cameras. Once they have Milestone compatibility locked down you can bet we'll be calling them.

It's now two years later. Any Clinton integrator want to update on their IP or HDTvi? 

I met with our rep about 4 months ago.  They have a new line of HD Analog that is very competitive and again, rock solid.  If I remember correctly, they are going to retire the IP cameras entirely for now and focus on the 960 analog and EX-SDI series.  Clinton is more of a Monitor company than cameras, but their line of HD Analog is just as good as anything they have ever produced.  

I believe they do alot of work with Walmart, or they used to anyways.