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Client Needs Help With Access Quote

We don't do access control, but a client asked us to evaluate an access control quote they received from another vendor that does do surveillance as well. While I don't want the access control business, I want to make sure they are getting a fair deal. I can get any additional info needed to make a proper determination. I just am unsure what info is pertinent.

Access Quote

Not taking the software into any consideration, the von duprin 6210 are pretty heavy duty and listed price is 2x as high as an internet search. Also its uncommon to need a power supply for each strike. He shows 5 there are reasons but $2050 for power on 9 doors sounds high. Are there electricians that will be required in addition to pull power to all these power supplies?

I believe that the integrator is doing all the work, including wiring. Thanks for your reply.

"It depends." I'd need to know a location and what the client asked for.

While the previous person was correct that the parts pricing is too high, the labor pricing would also be too low in many locations.

Some companies mark up parts more. Some mark up labor more. If this person was charging $75 an hour for labor in my area, they'd be way underpriced on labor, and pretty overpriced on parts. It might be a wash. It might be overpriced. Or it might be a really good deal depending on where you are and what the client asked for, the location's characteristics, and so on.

Also, it is very true that depending on the distances of the readers from the central system, there could be less expensive parts that could be used.

Basically, further information is needed.

I have some thoughts on potential advice paths, but I'll withhold those until I have further information.

Toledo, OH is the location of the client. Going rate in our area is $75.00/hr for most tech trades. It is the rate I charge as well for camera integration. So that just means they are milking them on parts.

As far as more background, the buildings are well wired for LAN (both copper and 10GbE fiber), power, and is all drop ceiling. They currently are using Medeco locks and want to be able to track the users comings and goings. It is a sensitive building and they have reasons to track. They don't have a VMS and that is why we are involved. I don't think VMS integration is needed.

Is this an expansion of an existing system, or a new access system?

For a 9 door system, there are less expensive options than Vanderbilt SMS. If new, Vanderbilt's BrightBlue would be less expensive, and it isn't 'dealer locked' like SMS is, so if things go poorly with the quoting dealer some other SI can service and maintain it.

Another questions: is video surveillance integration important? If so, SMS is restricted to working with it's own VVMS platform (they do not publish a list of compatible cameras). This customer will be out of luck if they are already using something else.

Without knowing more particulars about this customer, and how they choose to use the access platform, it is difficult to recommend specific alternatives. However, SMS development is pretty stagnant compared to mainstream small-system offerings from Software House (Kantech), Interlogix/Lenel (TruPortal), or RS2, S2, or even Genetec.

This is just the first of possibly 20 buildings that may be converted from Medeco locks to card access. This large campus is way behind the times. I am unsure how much they have budgeted for this project, but they may want the ability to expand upon this one building in the near future.

Customer will be a lot happier with an open platform, freedom to choose integrators and product. Doesn't sound like this is it. It's pretty simple sell, if there is only one dealer close by to service it. Tell your customer to find two other dealers that could service it in the event they are displeased or the others go belly up. Door access will likely not be touched again for another 15 years.