Clever Or Dumb Commercial?

45 seconds. Take a look:


This is not ESX's first attempt at non-traditional marketing. See: ESX Slams ISC

It's a poorly done spoof of Direct TV's "when your cable goes out..." ads.

It's a poorly done spoof of Direct TV's...

You nailed it! Though you are also being kind, I assume, since I would venture it is merely a derivitative work, and does not rise to the level of parodical protection, and therefore deny any fair use defense by ESX. Why? Because, although they may have been intending to spoof the original, they failed to incorporate any standard elements of parody, such as exaggeration, irony, allegorical extension, irreverence, farce, etc. Nor as, is often cited as a legal distinction, does it appear to comment on or critique the original in any meaningful way.

The acid test is to assume, for the sake of argument, that someone was just trying to blatantly co-op the comedic tone and devices of the original and use them mechanically, in a cookie cutter fashion. Might it not look about the same as what was actually produced? It's tricky to detect the spoofing of a farce. Especially when the spoof is done by less talented writers

On the other hand I will grant the remote possibility that they are intentionally trying to make it less humorous than it could be, in an effort to show how 'unfunny' the original actually is. In that unlikely scenario, it may be sublime genius. Regardless, its out of our control now since I have filed a claim with "The Riff-Off report". ;)

In fairness, the male crotch shot might be a novel and applaudable attempt at increasing female participation in the security industry:

That or it could simply be really really lame...

In fairness, the male crotch shot might be novel and applaudable attempt at increasing female participation in the security industry

Good Eye!

Novel Navel Noted. Objection withdrawn.

Applause is muted though, because this is clearly a low-budget male crotch, the kind that most security females already know are not in short supply by any means, either at trade shows or trader joes, for that matter, and so they will need to step up their frontal assault appropriately... Could we be witnessesing introduction of the first BoothBeau ?

My guess is this group that represents licensed professionals released this garbage with the intention of showing the level of quality achieved when attempting to DIY without the required skills....


Ok, the first few thousand people who can correctly solve the three-letter anagram displayed on the trunks in the photo, will win* a free subscription to SDM magazine and also have a chance at the real McCoy during our drawstring drawing.

Hint: Think about it!

*Void where prohibited. Prohibited where offered.

It's clever (IMO). But the narrator sounds like he did this video shortly before dying of boredom. I don't think it could be any less enthusiastic.

Btw, evidently ESX is going to Baltimore next year. Somehow that doesn't seem to be any better.

I am eagerly anticipating the ESX Baltimore commercial. Perhaps this guy in his underwear dodging bricks. The possibilities are endless.