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Chrome 64-Bit Browser - Better HD Video?

You should test the new 64-Bit Chrome browser with a couple IP cameras to see if there is any difference between Internet Explorer and Google Chromes 32-Bit browser. Supposedly the 64-Bit Chrome kicks IE's butt and is better than Chromes 32-Bit.

"64-bit Chrome displays high-definition (HD) video better"

On kind of a side note - Do you think Google VP9 codec has a place in our Industry in the near future? I'm guessing for the Chrome 64 Bit to get better HD ...using the VP9 codec is a must. Or will H.265 win out?


Thanks for sharing.

The biggest problem I've had historically with Chrome is video, specifically flash consuming a ton of CPU and crashing. I wonder if it will fix that. I just downloaded it but obviously not enough time to tell.

As for VB8/VB9, there seems to be little interest amongst surveillance manufacturers. I believe it's because:

  • All the cameras are H.264 already and all the VMSes support it, so it's the easiest path; by contrast VB8/VB9 would need to be added in.
  • The royalty fee issue is more of a concern on the web than it is when one is selling hardware devices.

I recall Network Optix supporting VB8/VB9, but they are in a distinct minority.

Update - in 2 days since upgrading, shockwave / flash has not crashed, nor has my Air started to overheat, which were two common concerns driven by Chrome playing video previously.

Hopefully, I am not speaking too soon.