Choosing External Camera Form Factors. Better Options Than Dome Cameras With Pendant Mounts?

Hi Everyone,

We have a new job requiring 15 to 20 fixed FOV, external cameras doing general wide area coverage. Normally we’d do dome cameras with pendant mounts but after thinking about it seems like the biggest reasons why we do those are because that’s how it’s always been done and that’s how most other’s do it, but is it the best way today? Are there other mounting options and/or form factors that are better?

We are in Canada and we get all the seasons. Snow fall average’s around 5 Feet a year with it usually being dry snow, although in fall and spring we do get the big, wet, sticky snow.

Our dome/pendant mount combo is good but I’m wondering what the drawbacks would be if we switched to a conduit box and directly mounting the camera to it? The advantage of this combination for us would be a lower cost per camera for the mounts and better aesthetics (In this particular scenario aesthetics outweighs the higher deterrent ability of other options). The walls are vertical without any overhang, the surface is smooth and flat so I don’t think that plays into the decision. Required FOV for the cameras is easily achievable with either pendant or wall mounts.

The only drawback, and potentially the deciding factor is snow and ice accumulation on the cameras. With the dome/pendant this was a rare issue with it being limited to ice during the spring when the sun would melt the snow on top of the pendant mount, run down the side of the unit until it got to the bubble lens and refroze. Snow is the one that I’m concerned with. Doing a wall mounted dome camera I could see the possibility of snow settling on the top of the camera and slowing building down towards the camera’s FOV. Sort of like how snow will hang down off the overhangs of a roof when it’s a good storm.

Has anyone used dome cameras mounted directed onto vertical walls where snow is common? Is snow build up an issue that you’ve seen if this type of scenario?

Turret and bullet designs are options too but I don’t know what their advantages would be.

Any feedback or experiences would be much appreciated! Thanks.

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