Choosing An IP Camera System: Should I Be Able To Convince My Customers That They Should Be Spending $10,000 On An 8-Channel System Instead Of $3,000?

I am a very small shop that installs security camera systems, usually under 16 cameras per job. I am not thrilled about purchasing re branded "Chinese" cameras and NVRs, but when I look at the alternatives (Axis or Avigilon), the price is just too expensive. As an example, I can get a "decent" 4K bullet cam for around $250 per camera. It is my understanding that the non-Chinese alternative would be at least 4 times the price. I have no doubt, based on the excellent reviews conducted by IPVM, that the Axis or Avigilon cameras are superior. Unfortunately my customers seem to think the Chinese made cameras are, "good enough" for the price.

Should I be able to convince my customers that they should be spending $10,000 on an 8-channel system instead of $3,000? For almost all my customers, 4 times the price is the end of the discussion. Perhaps it is just the types of customers I have. Am I missing something?

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