China Government Shuts Down 'Harmful' Websites, Background For Hikvision Mentality

New Reuters report: China holds drill to shut down 'harmful' websites. Key excerpts:

The drill asked internet data centers to practice shutting down target web pages speedily and report relevant details to the police, including the affected websites' contact details, IP address and server location....

China's Ministry of Public Security called for the drill "in order to step up online security for the 19th Party Congress and tackle the problem of smaller websites illegally disseminating harmful information"

Note: A Hikvision executive works for the Ministry of Public Security:

Shutting down critics is, of course, a regular occurrence in China, e.g., "Winnie the Pooh is now banned in China for resembling President Xi Jinping":

And the PRC is cracking down on VPN usage that would allow their people to access 'harmful' websites like Google.

I raise this theme because most people around the world live in countries that allow free information access and would never expect or suspect countries to impose such draconian measures.

It also provides a good background / understanding of the mentality that lead to Hikvision's anti-IPVM blog campaign which is, for now, on hiatus.

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