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Chicagoland - Licensing Required?

We have a local customer with some locations in Chicagoland. We are being asked to install CCTV systems at these locations. Ive heard horror stories about Chicago, what is the general lay of the land up there? We have three locations to install, fairly small installs, but I dont want any complications.

To whom it may concern.

Having done business in Chicago for the past 10+ years.  I highly recommend finding a sub contractor to work with.  Depending on the system you are installing, I'm sure you can easily find a local integrator to work with.  Chicago can be touch and go depending on what it is that you are actually installing and who you're installing it for.

I'm happy to provide you some local integrators there if necessary.  Just email IPVM and make the request.


Firms installing video surveillance, access control or burg systems are required to hold an Illinois Private Alarm Contractor Agency license.  In addition, all firm employees (sans sales, receptionist, etc.) are required to maintain a PERC certification.  The Illinois Department of Finance and Professional Regulation performs the licensing.

The City of Chicago has additional contractor licensing requirements.

I agree with Jason, it may be best to find a local sub.  Feel free to PM me for additional.

In Chicago are you required to have any monitoring licenses for just video surveillance. If so which license? Thanks!!

Self-monitoring video, or monitoring service that includes dispatch?

I don't believe this following applies to a self monitored system but for any monitoring performed for a customer you would need to become a licensed Private Alarm Contractor and the company would need to hold an Agency or Branch Office license.

The State of Illinois requires a Private Alarm Contractor license to: "...sell, install, design, monitor, maintain, alter, repair, replace, or service alarm and other security-related systems or parts thereof...".

The law defines as "Alarm system" as ..."any system, including an electronic access control system, a surveillance video system, a security video system, a burglar alarm system, a fire alarm system, or any other electronic system that activates an audible, visible, remote, or recorded signal that is designed for the protection or detection of intrusion, entry, theft, fire, vandalism, escape, or trespass, or other electronic systems designed for the protection of life by indicating the existence of an emergency situation. "

I hope this helps.