Check Out The New Arecont Vision Video

Arecont is trying to show the quality of their products in this video:

I don't really see anything wrong with the video. Could it have been better? Yeah. But I've seen a lot worse. What it is missing, yes, are some sample shots and videos. I think that would be one of the main things any end user or integrator would want to see.

But then again, sample pictures and videos can be very misleading, especially if they are highly "optimized" and go into the territory of what they "theoretically" can do. They were called out once already on a picture in an ad and so has Avigilon recently. Maybe they didn't want to have to be challenged on that front in the video, but just wanted to show off their core manfacturing process.

I like the New Product Introduction Team shot the best (at 2:45).

Seems fine to me. What did you want John? Car chases and explosions!?!? :-) In fact after watching it all I am WAY more likely to consider using them in the future. I like that they are made in the USA (I won’t hold being in California against them) and have so much of their process in house instead of farmed out. So the video was done well enough to work on me!

"Ditto" Ross.

I also thought the video was not bad. Wish they mentioned their manufacturer's reps though :(

The audio is out of sync in the intro, and the delivery is disjointed. Plus, it's more of a slide show than a video.

If you are a $50+ million business making a company marketing video, with access to loads of local production talent, they could easily do much better.

Ross, they have been building their products in the US for years, including during their historic worst quality phase. As an American, I am not sure how proud this makes me.

Contrast to Avigilon's video on same topic - much higher quality production:

But they had lab coats on John! Lab coats! You can't do poor quality work when you have a lab coat on. That is a proven fact.


Not bad but not great either.

If you are trying to convince people of your quality, having low quality video production is a risky way to accomplish it. That said, I guess you all do not mind, which means Arecont will be ok with this.

However, even Kickstarter videos have radically better production quality:

@Carlton: I like that they have an acronym for the NPI team. Makes it more official.

@Ross: Lab Coats! hahahahahaha

@everyone else (plus Carlton & Ross): Who is their intended audience with this thing?

Both videos (Arecont and Avigilon) are similar only in that they are attempting to 'tell the story' of their company.

Problem is, Areconts 'story' comes across as more of a multi-chapter user manual while Avigilons is more of a a quick start guide - as reflected in their individual lengths.

I have about equal interest in them both, yet I didn't make it through the entire Arecont video without forcing myself to. You have to really want to finish it in my opinion. Most non-uber-technical people won't want to (again, imho).

Storytelling is great..... but only if your audience is still awake at the end.

Posting this as an example of a well made company overview video. At least in my opinion, but I am obviously biased.

I understand what you are saying John and maybe all of our expectations are too low, but I was OK with it. I did think Avigilon's video was better though and it made me think we will take a look more at their offerings too. However I think all of this is moot because I would have NEVER watched either of the videos if they were not on IPVM.

"I would have NEVER watched either of the videos if they were not on IPVM."

You know me. I try hard to promote Arecont and Avigilon as much as possible ;)

I knew it! I'll bet they are both going to use that in their marketing now.......