Changing The Top Navigation In IPVM

We have made a change to the workflow / top navigation of IPVM.

Let me show it to you in this 6 second looped video:

When you scroll down now, a compact header with options for our main site sections as well as search field remains. This will make it easier to navigate to other parts of the site as well as give context to where you are.

Any questions / feedback, let us know.

Thanks for the feedback. We'll queue up a fix.

It's broken in Android for me. Nav bar jumps to mid screen when i scroll down.

Rogier, thanks!

Actually our first iteration (yesterday) was bigger / taller and we realized that it was getting in the way. So we developed a new compact format and rolled that out today.

That's funny. Yesterday I was looking at the site and was already thinking that the top banner was quite large in height. This is a perfect solution. Great innovation there lads!