Certifications And Registrations... What Would You Recommend?

I am a specifier and designer of security systems. As a part of my specifications I list a number of certifications and registrations that MAY be applicable to access control and video systems integrator's technical staff quals. I know that experience is high on your list, and I do have experience requirements in my specs; but this is about certifications and registrations that can be validated and used to compare technical skills between competing integrators bidding for a project. I typically get involved in larger systems ($500K to $7M to give you some sense of what kind of projects are involved). Here some questions regarding the list below:

  1. Do you think any are definitely NOT applicable?
  2. Are there any missing from this list?
  3. What are the top 5 (more or less) do you think ARE applicable?
  4. In a situation where lowest bidder who meets specs wins (a public project) specs will require an integrator to have staff who have from 3 to 6 (depending upon the project) of these certifications/registrations.

Here is the list:

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