Cellular Routers For Surveillance: What Do You Use?

A member asked for a recommendation on a 4G/LTE router. It's been a few years since I've had a look at commercial/industrial grade cellular, so I'm curious what everyone uses in 2017. My experience was with Cradlepoint and Proxicast, as well as pretty much everyone else I knew. Occasionally someone would use a SonicWall or Cisco router with USB 3G/4G capability, but that was much more rare.

So, what, if anything is new? Any lesser known or overlooked brands? Who do you use and why?

Sierra Wireless RV50 for solar or battery powered projects, due to its very low power requirement and cloud management services from a top tier manufacturer. For maximum signal strength and ease of assembly/deployment, we use the Panorama WMMG high gain antenna. 

Thanks, good feedback, I totally forgot about Sierra.

The past few years, we have used Cradlepoint with decent success. A few are found offline needing an onsite visit from time to time, but could be caused by the Network provider, unreliable power, etc. They have a cloud based management tool, ECM.  

I've used a lot of Cradlepoint and Sierra GX440..    Peplink is one that I've used for very 'cost effective'  and non critical installs.   Runs on 12v,  we actually used them with solar for watching hog traps