CDVI Atrium System

I've been "gifted" an old CDVI Atrium AC-22 panel from a site we upgraded... applied to CDVI for a website login, but probably won't see that until Monday. I can hit the web interface, but of course, don't have the login, and the defaults don't work.

Anyone familiar with this units? Any idea if I can reset it to defaults through hardware?

Discovered the readers with it work with HID, Centaur, and Viscount fobs... kinda neat.

Edit: Hmmm, the default installer credentials worked that time!

Hey Matt,

The only way to factory default the controller is to login with the Atrium software (it's a SQL based software CDVI provides free of charge downloadable from their website), click on "Hardware, overview and click on the "restore factory defaults" radio button.

Yeah, I just need them to approve my login first :) Funny, the default credentials didn't work at first, but they did a few minutes later when I tried again (or maybe I was just typing it wrong the first half-dozen tries of both 'admin' and 'master'). System only had like two extra accounts on it, I wonder if it only used briefly before they went with something else.

Thanks for the info!