CCTV Systems Warranty Coverage Standards

I'm not sure if this subject has been covered exactly but if so I did not see it in the discussion forum.

Assuming smaller to medium size systems with no service contract or extended warranty service, what are the typical warranties most integrators/installers offer in the surveillance/CCTV business?

This is what we typically do systematically in all our systems:

- All products are covered by the manufacturer's warranty unless otherwise specified (if sold by us and installed as new of course)

- Our installation warranty covers all and any installation issues based on the quality and "performance" of our installation for a full year. This is a baseline in our proposals, though we are often flexible depending on the specific system and clients. So if adjustments, repairs and changes need to be made within 12 months of the completion of an installation, they will be done under warranty free of charge - if these were required due to an installation error or overall quality issue. When in doubt, we will honor the warranty every time.

- When a product fails prematurely, even after having been properly installed and set up, we typically offer an unconditional installation and service warranty for 3 months following the completion of the installation. Afterwards, the service, repair or replacement incur a service charge, even if the product (camera, recording devices, etc.) is still covered by the manufacturer's warranty.

I realize a service contract would be an easier way to handle warranty coverage, but not all clients want to invest in one especially in smaller systems.

So I was just curious about what other integrators/installers typically offer. We do more than just CCTV and have always felt our service and warranty coverage was at or above industry standards, but wanted to check and get feedback at this time to see if we should revise our proposals moving forward.

Thanks in advance for the feedback.


Alan, yes, that sounds fairly typical.

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Thanks John.

I read the article on Warranty Terms and saw a lot of the responses stating various times on their labor, such as "Manufacturer's warranty and 1 year labor" or "1 year parts, 1 year labor". Does that tyically mean that regardless of the issues, all labor is "free" for 1 year? If for example a camera fails after 6 or 9 months, no labor is charged to service (remove, replace, etc.) the failed camera?

When we guarantee our labor, we guarantee it for quality of workmanship only. We offer separate terms for free warranty service of the hardware that is typically shorter than the manufacturers' warranties.

The comments were not always clear what the labor warranty actually covers (quality of installation and workmanship or any needed labor/service on the installed system).


"1 year parts, 1 year labor". Does that tyically mean that regardless of the issues, all labor is "free" for 1 year? If for example a camera fails after 6 or 9 months, no labor is charged to service (remove, replace, etc.) the failed camera?

In my experience this typically applies to workmanship only. If I install a camera and it works great for 11 months but then dies because the camera was faulty, the camera gets warranty replacement but the customer still likely pays me labor to install the replacement.

The exception would be if the camera is fine, but a field-terminated cable connector works loose or if something was misconfigured in the recorder to cause the malfunction. It might apply to adjustments and cleaning too.

Exceptions to this are not uncommon, especially if the customer has purchased some kind of maintenance agreement. Like you mention, getting clarity on what 'warranty' means for labor can be important because it is ambiguous.

We are two years bumper to bumper + manufacturers warranty.

Thanks Brian, thanks Mark.

Two years is impressive. I'm guessing it's possible for high margin, high quality (high reliability/more expensive) equipment.

In all honesty, it is not as impressive as it sounds. We just looked at our call backs and service calls and did the math. Most were for Acts of God, which are not covered. That credit should really go to the installers. We wanted to demonstrate a difference between ourselves and the competition.

I undertsand, Mark.

We don't do just surveillance and there are so many factors involved (including the customer's actions) that a 2-year bumper to bumber coverage would likely reduce profitability significantly on many upgrades and small systems/installations. Not that we don't at times extend free service beyond the standard terms if it is found that we could have done a better job somehow. But this way, we get to make that assessment.

I'm sure a 2-year bumper to bumper warranty has successfully set you aside from much of the competition. Though in the surveillance industry, most of the better products have warranties exceeding the 2 year mark. Not so for a $4000 UHD/4K TV with low margin...

Surveillance is about 50% of what we do actually. But you were correct the first time. Quality products, quality customers and quality employees. If I can't put my name on it, I don't want it.