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Solution For Explosive Proof Camera 500 Meters Away?

I have an CCTV Installation in Oil Field. I want an Explosive proof Camera (Both PTZ and Fixed-d/n). Camera should be working with Milestone Corporate.We cannot install psu,encoder or other module near the camera. Everything should be installed 500 Metre from the camera.So that i have to transmit 24 volt Ac 500 Metre away and also data also transmitted 500 metre away. It should be IP if better PoE or with OFC module in built Camera. Also, I need a solution to transmit 24 volt AC over 500 metres.

Please suggest me best solution asap.

Pelco Exsite cameras! Keep in mind these are a 40 day build time. Bosch has some analog fixed cameras that you could use with an encoder. Moog has some explosive proof enclosures but not the actual camera. You will want to run fiber in this environment.

Here are some references that might help:

You might want to talk to the NASA folks at Kennedy Space Center. The cameras they used on the old Shuttle launch pad seemed to hold up well.

could you explain me what moog have

Nabeel, please read the Moog post and let us known if you have specific questions.

yes i want to talk to NASA folks

Patrick, I doubt NASA is going to want to discuss this publicly but if you know of anything let us know.

I am from UAE and temperature is very high.


You are best to run the chosen EX camera in 240vac. This way you will not have any issues with the very large copper cables you need to run over 500m for 24vac considering volt drop and current draw (very large conductors required for over 500m at 24vac assuming 3amps draw). I am in an IECEx country and pointed customers down this path and not the low volt path. There are many manufacturers that make Ex cameras that have the ability to accept 240vac onboard. You will find it incredibly difficult to find an IECEx certified transformer or power supply to suit your requirements.

Also as far as comms and video goes the best way to get an EX camera (PTZ or Fixed) with the fibre optic modem on board as well (yes you have to run fibre optics!) If you are in an IECEx country (and I suspect you are) you will find it very difficult to find a separate IECEx certified fibre optic product to plug your camera in. You cannot simply get a fibre modem and place it in an ExD or ExE enclosure. The basic rule with IECEx is the complete product has to be certified as a whole. You may remove items you do not need but cannot add anything that was not originally part of the product. This means it was never tested and hence uncertified. The exemption to this rule is to get the government electrical inspector to exempt this and they may allow this (or even ATEx products) but I have rarely seen this signed off as it means RISK. Sounds complicated but there is enough manufacturers products out there that can easily satisfy your project and requirements.

Oh and you will also find these cameras will be all certified for +60 to -60degC. check out Pelco, Hernis, Bosch, Oxalis, Videotec just to name a few.