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CCTV Camera Vandalism Game

Germans have created a game to vandalise CCTV cameras in protest of increased surveillance.

What do you think the ramifications are to such events, if any, for those in the CCTV/Surveillance industry?

Here's the video from them that's gotten over 100,000 views so far:

They have some video production skills and put time and effort into making this. It's definitely eye catching.

The real issue, though, is what will actually happen in reality? Are gangs going to roam the streets pulling down surveillance cameras? In the US, at least, I think this is unlikely to ever become common.

There are certainly specific cases where a criminal will break surveillance cameras nearby them. However, an anarchistic driven general compain against cameras seems remote.

I posit they're all starving Security Integrators trying to drum up business ;>o

At least they're not using lasers...

Ouch! burn!

Don't give them any ideas! lol

The irony is these guys upload a video to YouTube to brag on themselves.

This topic lead me to a University of Toronto supported website about the rights of the public to be notified regarding video surveillance in Canada. Can anyone confirm if this is the law?

Well, that's roughly the law in Canada. See our recent post about illegal Canadian retail surveillance.

In the US and most other non Commonwealth/EU countries, there are no such laws.