CCTV Autocad Symbols/Visio Shapes

A member recently left a comment about needing CCTV shapes for Visio:

It appears that these stencils are not included on 2007. Does anyone have them? I would think I could get from Microsoft or somewhere on the luck.

While he is looking specifically for Visio 07 shapes, requests for CAD symbols and Visio shapes is common.

If you have a library of symbols you're willing to share, email them to me and I'll upload it and post them in this thread for general use. If they are original to you, I'll make sure that you get the attribution!

Member Duncan Miller submitted these Visio Shapes based on SIA AG-01-1995.12:

I've confirmed they work in Visio 2010. Thanks Duncan!

Check this link:

CCTV Visio Stencils Download