Caterpiller Releases Smartphone With Thermal Camera

Just saw this trending on social media. They say it's powered by Flir. I spoke with my home inspector a few months ago and he said he uses thermal cameras for home energy audits. I wonder what people will want to use their phones for?

Caterpillar Inc.: Company Releases 1st Smartphone With Thermal Imaging

Cat Phones Website

I think my buddy who works on diesel generators would probably like this.

I could see this being useful for anyone who works with equipment subject to overheating. I would be nice to snap a few photos to show that network equipment is running at the right temperature in an IDF closet. It also would be nice when working in a space with pipes to tell you if any of them are too hot to touch.

FLIR already makes a $250 thermal camera attachment for smartphones and $600+ stand alone handheld thermal cameras. So if you add in the fact that this is a full android smartphone and supposedly can be used underwater for up to an hour and survive a 5 foot drop onto concrete, it is a pretty cool package for $650.

If your smartphone has a CAT logo on it...

You might be a REDNECK!