Card Reader That Reads HID Prox 26bit And Indala 26 Bit Simutaneously

I have a customer that has Indala 26 bit credentials at their corporate office and HID Prox 26 bit at several of their satellite offices. They are looking for a card reader that could read both types of credentials simutaneously. We have tried a couple different readers with a couple different firmware flashes, but we havent got consistent functionality out of any of the ones we have tried. Have any of you ran into this type of circumstance? Did you find a solid solution?

Can you offer up the readers you've tested that didn't work?


We have used HID's RP30 and RP40 multiclass readers. They work ok but we are experiencing some phantom reads where the card reader turns green and unlocks the door when no one is present (this was first noticed by security onsite viewing cameras and no employess were near the reader). Also every once in awhile if multiple people badge the readers using the HID cards then Indala cards back and forth the reader will lock up and the only way it will unlock is by resetting power to the reader.


Have you tried Farpointedata ? I had the same problem on a site reading both 26bit HID and Indala cards and the solution was a Farpointedata MCR reader that could read both.

I have not tried them. Actually never even heard about them. I will do a little bit of research. I really do appreciate your assistance.

HID offered this solution and then took it off the market because they couldn't make it work.

I was told from a Diester rep that they could make one but never went down that path.