Card Reader/ Door Intercom Mounting Heights?

There seems to be fairly broad range of accepted mounting heights for door mounted devices like card readers and intercom stations.

A variety of codes define acceptable mounting heights, with the most widely accepted US source being ADA 1995. For example, intercom stations can be mounted as low as 27 inches and as high as 48 inches. That's quite a range!

Do you have a standard height you specify or install to? Where might your specified height vary? Why?

Our company standard is 59 inches (bottom of devices) from finished floor. This is for intercoms (video), touchpanels, music keypads, security keypads, access reades, e.t.c

Lighting keypads are installed at 47 inches.

It is a constant battle with customers, architects and interior designers that want everything much lower.

No codes here.

Hello, Harris:

Interesting, thanks for the answer. 59 Inches is pretty high! Does your company deviate from that standard for wheelchair access?

The image below is lifted from ADA standards on heights accessible from a seated position. 54 inches is the max height listed:


thanks, your answer is very interesting for me as well. 70% of the projects we do are luxury residences, so for us the most important thing is usability and convenience for the customer.

In the commercial projects I have to check what we do exactly but you are right wheelchair access is a big subject and very important. 54 inches isnt quite low though for non-wheelchair people? e.g security keypad? how can you read the LCD? or video intercom monitor? or engraving on lighting keypad? touchpanel is really low at 54 inches. I am not arguing or anything, there is no ideal solution on this and it can be a big problem. I think the problem arises from the fact that 54 inches was set based on simple lighting switches that just requires a tab so at 54 it is fine - the problem is that now you have other much more complicated devies like the ones I mentioned that require interaction and you have to read something on them and 54 inches is not ideal for this - it seems the standard has to be reviewed and account for this but is there an intermediate solution? When we are free and allowed to do what we want the heights I mentioned in my first post work really work.

Yes, and the question applies for more than just door access. For access controlled gates, this is a common solution for height problems:

The upper reader/intercom is for tall vehicles, like diesel tractors or trailer trucks, while the low reader is for automobiles and sedan type cars.

We specify that the card reader be at the same height as the knob or lever on the door that that it is controlling. This is typically 36" above the floor in the US, although it can sometimes be a little higher. Intercom stations are always specified to be at 48".

I know this is an old thread but thought this may be of value for others. The quote is pulled form

“…Reach Ranges. The 1991 Standards set the maximum height for side reach at 54 inches above the floor. The 2010 Standards, at section 308.3, lower that maximum height to 48 inches above the finish floor or ground...”