Card Access - Card Reader Mounting Ideas

During a recent class discussion, questions were asked about glass mounting readers and other reader security issues. We have glass mounted readers a number of times. In this picture, you can see the HID ProxProII. The customer had standardized on this reader, so we could not use a traditional mullion mount. It is stuck to the glass using 3M double sided tape.

Glass Mount Front

The back side uses a standard HID glass mount kit 5455AGM00

Back Side of glass reader

At the inner city schools, the readers were being damaged. We suggested flushing the readers into the wall. We cut a hole in the brick, recessing the reader. Since, seldom are the readers damaged. The plate is a standard piece of plastic we have made at our favorite plastic vendor, cut and edged, brown or white depending on the wall. This design is now going on 15 years and the plastic has kept their doors in operation. It is now part of their standard specifications at all doors.

Hole in the wall

Hole in the Wall

Reader behind plate

Reader behind plate

Completed door

Hey Chuck.

Thanks for sharing! Great detail and pictures.

How do you cut the brick? Drill holes, then hammer and chisel?

That window mount is nice and neat.

The wall is cut in any way appropriate. Yes, we've drilled lots of holes and then chiseled. But most of the time we use a hand grinder with a concrete wheel. The same hand grinder we normally use to cut door frames for strikes. After the borders are cut, a chisel. Normally an angle shot to the strike pocket for the reader cable. The depth of the pocket is important, or you need to add a little RTV to stick the reader to the back of the plate. It is all important that the reader stay tight against the plate to maintain good read range.

I've got one more set to show, but I don't have the pictures I want. I'll add to this post after I take some.

Nice post... great job thinking/working outside the box...

I really like the glass mounted idea... Looks good.

I have to wonder if the newer vandal resistant/metal card readers might be a suitable choice vs cutting holes in bricks.

No, they didn't work. We tried one of the Honeywell vandal resistant readers. It didn't last very long. Recess is still the solution.

This is another vandal issue.... This poor parking lot reader was damaged three times, this is the third "release." I think it is still there. We had the custom steel metal housing built, added a piece of plastic to get a little better read range. The earlier version had sloping slides and the baseball bat still managed to destroy the reader.

Parking Lot Reader

Parking Lot Reader 2