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Car Based PTZ For Investigative Use

I am an investigator looking for a car based HD PTZ with long range capabilities. The only cameras I can find approved for rugged road use are the short range (40 foot) models used in buses and police cars. I am told models such as the Axis Q-6045-E or Panasonic WV-SW598 are not appropriate for the rigors of road travel due to the excessive vibration. Of couse I only anticipate stationary recording, however the device would need to handle the 'bumps of the road' without damaging the camera.

Any suggestions?

Thanks, Chris

If it's got to be HD, try the Sidewinder from WTI.

The Bosch MIC 550 is what I usually recommend for surveillance vehicles. It takes a licking and keeps on ticking. It's analog, though. Still, a MIC 550 and an encoder will cost about a third of what the Sidewinder costs.

Like the Sidewinders, especially the thermal one! Project that onto a heads-up windshield display and you could cut your commute in half on those misty BoshWash mornings...