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Canon Smart Shade Control - Better WDR?

Canon promotes a technology called smart shade control, it is promoted to be:

"even more effective than WDR technology because it keeps the bright area that are correctly exposed in the image and focus on under-exposed area to enhance their exposure. As a result we gain dramatically in terms of details in under-exposed area without losing details and quality in other parts of the image."

Have you tested this technology before?


I suspectthis is just simply Canon's term / technique for WDR. For instance, it's in the VB-60 evidently, which we have tested, which was fine, but not exceptional.

And I have never heard anyone say "Yeah I used Canon's SSC and it clearly beat Sony or Axis true WDR." Moreover, I rarely hear people even mention Canon in surveillance.

Canon, however, looks to be spending more money on marketing in surveillance now, so we'll see what happens.