Canon - Milestone Caption Contest

Canon and Milestone celebrate at IFSEC. Submit your caption.

Milestone CEO: "Get me out of here. I've got my gone fishing beard already."

Milestone Guys: "Our integrator partners and manufacturer reps can rest assured that the Champagne that we are drinking is completely different and separate from the Champagne our new Canon colleague is drinking."

Guys...keep smiling...they have no idea what's about to hit them!

It's probably a multimillion smile for the Milestone CEO...

"Complain all you want, you wish you were us!"

Carmona : one point

"I will never shave again..."

Milestone thought

I'll stick with the caption already there: the ironic "non" right behind them on the wall, directly connecting two of the (quite possibly) richest brains in the room. As in non-event, non-compete, non-negotiable, nonsensical.

A decent PR person would have shifted them to get "Can" instead...


Now it's official, Milestone is Toast!

...Must keep smiling until jumbo block trade confirmation is recieved, then I'm gone faster than you can say Brad Bardua!

Finalists for the 2015 Most Important Person Award.

I suppose ol' Bob Forsyth has got his work cut out for him if he plans on retaining his 2014 MIP crown.. I bet that rascal is working on being even more important this year, so don't count him out..

LOL. The IFSEC Most Important Award is a tough competition. None of those 3 even cracked the top 40 :)

What pressure a title like that must put on you, the yuck yucks and ribbing from your posse...

But maybe he could become one of them Tony Robbins type motivational speakers,

"Just remember, whatever you do today, go out there and be important! Every day try and be a little more important, and pretty soon you might just be the most important person around!"

Rokus: "You guys can have mine. I only drink Dom Perignon, not this cheap Korbel garbage!"


It’s a Kodak Canon Moment!!

At least it's not Facebook!