Can You Take Out A Vandal Dome With One Swing?

This guy can't seem to, even with multiple attempts.*

Though maybe he's not trying that hard, despite his two-handed swing.

Don't you think one or two good shots with a baseball bat is all it would take?

Note: This question was inspired by M.M.'s Arecont field replacement procedures. Ironically, such a procedure might have beneficial effect on the cut-filter problem. In any event, the live picture from an Arecont Omni during the procedure would be quite lively.

*Do not attempt at home, Vandalization performed on Vandal Dome by professional Vandalizer. May void warranty.

Looks like he's giving it little love taps with a rubber mallet.

I've seen Lexan bubbles survive heavy blows with a framing hammer, the type with the diamond-pattern face... left a bunch of dimples and scuffs in the plastic, but the bubble survived. A return attempt a couple days later ended up killing the camera just from the impact, but the bubble itself still survived.

That said, if I really wanted to disable the camera in that video, a couple solid blows to the side of the housing with something like a bat or small sledge should nicely bend or twist the whole thing, or even knock it right off the wall.

I recall a test many years ago on dome rated IK10.

We essentially put the camera on a stand and had a little leaguer swing hard with a metal baseball bat.

After two good whacks the stand fell over, but the camera and bubble survived. In fact, it kept recording the entire time and we could see the bat hitting the bubble and the camera falling over with the stand.

Sort of confirms Mr. Ion's thoughts that there are better ways to manipulate/damage the camera than trying to break the bubble.

He isn't giving it all he's got and if he is then, well... I will agree with the above statements, don't go after the dome go after the bracket/housing... I am confident I could end that cameras life if I was given the opportunity and a sledgehammer... Am I the meanest? Sho'Nuff!

My thought was that if you were going to make a video like this you are obviously ready to sacrifice one, but only one camera.

Not knowing exactly what force could be applied before failure, the prudent thing would be to make a series of short videos, the first one starting with minimal force and then gradually increasing with each video until something breaks.

Then use the previous video as the demo.

If this is the video made just before the one that killed it, its not very impressive.

It looks and sounds like a rubber mallet and also like they are replaying a couple of swings, or that guy should take up golf with that repetitive accuracy. I think a can of spray paint or a plastic bag would do the trick. Needs a laugh track.

I think it depends on what you're swinging. A rubber mallet, no way. 10# sledge, at that height, I can make the bell ring for sure! However, trying to swing a sledge overhead at an object 10' off the ground may be hard to do with one swing. You are going to loose leverage and accuracy.

I think it depends on what you're swinging.

I'm thinking Maple is a fair fight.

I have an extra IK10 smoked dome cover (came with an Axis camera), that I doubt I will use, so been thinking. But I would surface mount it onto a wall right in the strike zone.

No pendant mount, I don't play TeeBall...