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Can You Recommend A Pan/Tilt Mechanism?

Can anyone recommend a pan/tilt mechanism for mounting a sensor so we can calibrate from the ground? The sensor is mounted at 20' with little room for a bucket truck. Thanks!

Moog Quick Set makes solid, if not pricey, PT positioners.

The QPT-20 is big enough to handle most single camera sized loads and has a street price of about $1600:

That unit is designed to move on a continuous basis for years, though. Sensor alignment sounds like an intermittent, light duty task that doesn't need something heavy duty. Does that sound right?

Members, see our Pan Tilt Positioner Tutorial for background and an overview.

Hey Brian - Moog makes a great product, but I am afraid we need something lower priced that may only move 3 or 4 times during the use of the sensor. Thanks!