Can You Reccomend A 2MP Stand Alone Camera And "VMS"?

I'm looking for a 2MP camera with onboard storage that can be accessed with a decent app. The application is small storage rooms that will be rented by different customers. My intent is to provide a camera in their unit that is exclusively accessed by them. I would prefer to have a dome style camera with IR but I’ll consider all options. It should at least support SDHC and preferably SDXC. I would also prefer the app be supported for both Apple and Android devices I looked at the IPVM archive but the stuff I saw was circa 2013. Thanks for your input. single camera systems are not my area.

Axis is a pretty safe choice there. Make sure to get Axis specific SD cards to get full warranty. The free Axis Companion VMS software works well remotely.

For lower cost, I think Hikvision and Dahua has options but not as sure on that. I am sure others will comment on that.

Mobotix is the historical leader in the on-board storage space but they do not do IR.

We have been using Spectrum from DW lately and have had really good luck with them. They have a CAAS that we have been trying out and it's worked really well. Price point is reasonable. Apps are great and client software is solid. If you need to connect the stand along camera to another server that has more cameras at another site you can add it into the system easily so you can run it in the same UI.