Can You Identify This Dimpled Camera?

A consultant sent me this picture of a camera and asked the brand and if it is IP or not (I expect not). The dimples around the cover screws are a bit different and I figured someone may be able to identify it.

Thanks in advance.

Here's a zoomed in version:

Nothing comes to mind immediately. Let's see what others have to recommend.

Value added dimples.

We used to install some no-name brand that looked like those. The later I found someone on a forum who sold the same units under some other brand name I'd never heard of. The ones we were using were an analog board camera on a two-axis yoke inside that massive bubble (no shroud or mask).

I've seen some other VGA IP domes that were similar, and used pretty much that exact same wall bracket.

Wouldn't be surprised that all of these are OEM'd somewhere in China.

Or Tawain. ARM's IP cameras and DVR's have OUI's from Dynacolor. And ARM never claimed to actually make anything themselves, AFAIK.

Btw, the CEO of Northern and the Co-owner of ARM were Mark Haney.