Can Someone Provide A Comparable Replacement Access Control Reader?

Customer has(4) SSA-R2000V readers. However, these readers are discontinued with no direct replacement.

Can someone provide a model # that would be a comparable replacement?

What card type is the customer using?

Possibly this from Rosslare. Not quite the form factor, although similar footprint and specs.

Do you know if these will work with the existing SSA-R2000V's?

Possibly. Still not sure of your credential. Compare datasheets. Samsung vs. Rosslare.

I've been emailing Und1 and asked them for more detail about the RFID credential. I'll update here first if they do not.

Would recommend that you take a look at the following specific access control readers:

Allegion MTK15;

Farpointe Data P640H;

or HID 5355.

All include a keypad and support the reading of certain HID 125-kHz proximity credentials.

Good luck,


Did you ask Samsung if they have a newer unit that replaced it?

You may want to call these guys an see if they still have a few in stock too: