Can Someone Please Explain This Marketing Video To Me?


What is the point / meaning of this?

IndigoVision is introducing a huge microdome.

My five-year old son (who laughs hysterically at everything) just watched this in silence.

Then he asked me why I showed this to him. I didn't really have a good answer.

Just. plain. bad.


From their LinkedIn page:

IndigoVision Happy Valentine's Day! Here's a YouTube romantic comedy filmed using our new BX 3MP Microdome.

IndigoVision Presents: An Everyday Story of Boy Meets Girl Love is in the air! A romantic comedy video about the mishaps of a computer engineer wooing the woman of his dreams. Captured on IndigoVision's new BX 3MP Microdome.

Goofs: When is the last time you asked anyone getting on a down elevator with you "what floor are you going to?", when you are one(?) floor from the lowest floor?

Oh, it's a comedy...

The 'sequel' from IndigoPictures.

You might think from the movie banner we are in for a tired rehashing of Boy meets Girl, Boy looks at Girl, Boy Gets a Huge, wipered, 30x HD PTZ with Covert/Overt lighting to get better look at Girl, but...

IndigoVision's 'new' PTZ, the Interceptor, looks to be an OEM / clone of 360Vision's Predator.

I was trying to come up with something clever. Nothing really comes to mind. Nice picture though.

After applying considerable resources to the OP's question, I feel confident that what we are seeing is here a poorly executed remake of the theme from the famous Tasters' choice commercials run decades ago. They featured an accidental and slightly awkward meeting of a thirty-something couple where the romance soon simmered due to their shared love of Instant Jo.

These adverts were even more popular in the UK under the brand Gold Blend, thus explaining the IV familiarity with the theme. Need to wait for episode 2's meeting of the boy, girl and the microdome to be sure (in a parking garage, perhaps?)

Anyway we've seen this level of cinematography before, haven't we?

its like a lot of marketing pieces, they may not make sense but they drive people to their website to learn about the product...

real smooth operator the guy is standing sideways in the elevator staring at her like a serial killer...

That's what makes it comedy???

IndigoVision is introducing a huge microdome.

Is this big for a microdome?

It's not really a dome at all. Just like the Arecont and Ubiquiti, these really should fall under a different and new category, like embedded ceiling camera.

That said, according to its specs, this Indigovision camera is 3.82" diameter and 4.1" tall, so not 'micro' or even 'mini' when compared to other modern cameras.

I did try to compare it before asking, but IndigoVision is not in the camera finder. One can only assume Carl hasn't used it yet. :)

I got nothing!

That said, according to its specs, this Indigovision camera is 3.82" diameter and 4.1" tall, so not 'micro' or even 'mini' when compared to other modern cameras.

I believe the 'micro' refers to the size of the part of the camera that is actually visible, the bubble/dome part. Which, to an end user, is possibly more important than the total size of the 'inverted iceberg' form factor.

By the same token the Avigilon Micro Dome, when its tethered body is hidden, also would qualify. But notice how using the new pendant mount for the Micro Dome severely reduces its micro-ness.

Gotta watch them pervs!