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VMS Streaming To Client Requirement?

Under the VMS section:

The VMS should stream the video, in real time and recorded, in a standard non - encrypted RTP/UDP protocol.

The before point to help co-relate: The VMS shall support standard compression H.264/Mpeg-4 for the broadcast video or loseless compression to a standard compression format.

Does this mean streaming the video from the VMS to a client? If so, that strikes me as a very weird specification. Why would they explicitly want it non-encrypted? That said, I assume most are unencrypted. Also, why would they care what the protocol was from the VMS to the client?

yes, it is weird,

But if I was thinking this way, would it mean VMS should stream from the cameras in a standard non encrypted protocol?

even then why should be it be specifically un encrypted is a MYSTERY.

My wild-ass guess is that they are more concerned about non-PROPRIETARY than they are about non-ENCRYTPED. Most likely to not get locked in to funky codecs or other platforms that limit overall expansion and flexibility of the system in the future.


I'd be interested in understanding the context fully. What document type is this verbiage in (RFP maybe)? would you post the full paragraph?

I would think that if SRTP and SUDP (encrypted) were used to transfer video in realtime from client to server it would add quite a bit of complexity to the VMS and the clients/server communication simply for live. One would also assume that this wouldn't be a requirement in a closed LAN with firewalls, right?

Most VMS will not provide separate RTSP "standard" streams for each channel via an URL. However, many NVRs and DVRs do.

Perhaps the RFP was written by a competitor that is pushing NVRs and DVRs

yup.. I think they are pushing out some brands in particular.

you are right this spec calls for a compulsory firewall. i will pm you Sarit.

can i get your email to send you the doc to have a look.

Sure. It is: