Can Anyone Recommend A Decent 24 Port Managed PoE Switch With Wifi?

Full 802.3af on all ports concurrently.

Cheapass'd suggestions ok.

Only products available directly online, please.


You need integrated WiFi? Or can you tolerate adding an access point to one of those 24 ports?

Yes, needs to be integrated. I'm flexible on the number of ports though, could be 8.

You will not find any decent unit with built in wifi. Switches are designed to be put in racks and closets, and Wifi AP are designed to be near the users. Get a Cisco or Planet switch, then a basic Ruckus R300 or R500 series AP and you will be happy.

Personally, I'd love to find a WiFi router that has PoE ports (which is essentially what OP seems to be looking for), but even that has been a challenge... I think I've seen one or two over the years, and they've been crazy expensive - way more so that you'd pay for separate WiFi router and 5-port PoE switch. Getting both functions in an 8-to-24 port switch is probably a pipe dream.

I have one Wifi router with 1 POE in and 3 POE out thats from Microtik. It has 1000mw 2.4Ghz Wifi. It also only costs $55.

Problem, POE is passive only and dependant on input POE voltage.

So it's essentially just splitting out the incoming PoE? Seems like it could be useful, within fairly strict limits...

UBNT also has a 5 port router with 3 ports POE. 24/48Volts depending on the power supply that is feeding the router

I looked at that one but I don't think it has Wifi built-in, right?

No that one does does not but you can power an AP from the POE port.

All you need is a PoE switch and a PoE powered AP, then with some creative use of zip ties, electrical tape, or some gray tape and a 1' patch cable you can achieve an all in one unit, meaning if it falls out of what ever enclosure you put it in it will all fall down.

In all seriousness though, what do you need wireless for? I was really impressed with the ubiquity Edge Switches, 24 port POE, Layer 2&3 for ~$550.00, and strap a Ubiquity UAP for ~$70.00 and be done with it. Just my two cents...

Who likes ruckus? They got one.

Though a bit pricy at $1400.

Doesn't look like WiFi is built into that, they just offer a separate AP as well.

The Ruckus Wireless ZoneSwitch 4000 series is a family of fully managed, Power over Ethernet (POE), 24-port Gigabit Layer 2 LAN switches specifically designed for the packet processing needs of connecting ZoneFlex Smart Wi-Fi access points to the enterprise network infrastructure.

Agree... Thanks!

The Ruckus Wireless ZoneSwitch 4000...

Yeah, I know it's the name of the company, but still...

That... and from the copy on that page, it sounds like they're marketing it as being specifically suited for hanging their APs from, like there's something extra-special about AP traffic.

Wifi, Switch, PoE

Pick two.

The ruckus switch went end of life a while ago. were too pricey and not many people specced them into projects like Ruckus wanted. The Ruckus AP though are rock solid and good price points.