Can Any Hikivision PTZ Be Used Reliably In Cold And Snow Without An Extra Case?

Can any Hikvision PTZs be used reliably where it gets cold and snowy without an extra case?

I see the DS-2DE5184-AE has a heater but does it really work? And none of the IR ones that I can see have heaters.

Thank you.

We use this one or a version of it when we install PTZ's DS-2DE7184-AE. We're in Connecticut and obviously have some bad winters. One is 200 feet up on a silo and we've had others out at construction sites. The oldest one is 4 years old with no issues.

Hi David,

We have used the DS-2AE7230TI-A (TVI) and a number of the 2MP IP DE and DF series cameras in northern Canada. Only one failure so far (lens issue), everything else has been running for at least one year.

I have installed a few in northwestern PA. right in the snow belt.

One of them going on the 3rd year now, so far so good.