Can 4GSTLO Card Reader Read A National ID Card?

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i'd like to use 4GSTLO in attendance system which employees can use their national ID cards


The first step: Do you know which format a 'national ID card' is? Which nation?

I'm leaning towards no since the national card doesn't appear to be an RFID card and the 4GSTLO system doesn't have either Laser Card or MULTOS reader options...

But let's see what Brian says....

This reader cannot read the Saudi Arabia ID card.

The Saudi ID card is mainly a picture ID, there is no included contactless credential or even magstripe. It does include the Multos IC chip and an optical stripe, but I cannot recall any wiegand out, contact (IC) credential door reader that decodes Multos.

You may be able to find a desktop unit and convert it for use at a door, but it likely would be a kludgy mess, and it presumes that Saudi Arabia encodes the IC in a consistent manner. So I don't think that card is suitable as an access credential.

brian ,

do you've any related case where we can use ID national card for access control and attendance system , kindly share it with me both the card nationality and card reader