Detect If A Camera Is Opened Or Removed?

Hi, I am looking for IP cameras that have a integrated gyroscope to detect if the camera is opened or removed from the ceiling/wall to get access to the network. So to detect physical tampering. I know you can do network techniques like MAC filtering, etc to detect/block intruders on the network but I need to be sure no one uses the network cable that is outside of the builing.

Preferably, the camera should then send a http message based on such an alarm.

So you only want a gyroscope or you are open to any solution that detects if the network cable has been removed / used by others?


of course I use additional techniques to detect intruders on the network or tampering of the camera. But my customer wants to be "more sure" that the network cable of outdoor cameras cannot be used by others. High risk enviroment so higher potential of physical attacks.

How about 802.1x? This would force anyone connecting to the network / network cable to authenticate themselves first. If authentication failed, you could send an alert then.

Ethan reviewed an Axis camera with built-in gyro (for tilt adjustment) here. Don't know if it can trigger an event.

Preferably, the camera should then send a http message based on such an alarm.

Soo... Somebody disconnects the camera and then it sends and alarm? How does that work? :)

It sounds like this is for indoor cameras?

The Axis Q1615 has a gyroscope, and it uses it for shock detection alarms. I don't think it uses it for tampering alarms, though. Those are based on the scene changing like other cameras.

I think there are other ways to go about this, though. If you're using box cameras in housings, you can add tamper switches or vibration sensors (depends on the environment and the housing) and connect them to an input on the camera, which can trigger an alarm. You can also set up camera tampering alarms in most IP cameras, so if the field of view changes it will alarm. It's not guaranteed to change from someone accessing a camera, but it's another step.

Also, if someone physically disconnects a camera, the VMS should trigger a video loss event, but obviously it's preferable to know before this happens.

As far as HTTP messages, there are several cameras which will do that, but it's not a universal feature. Axis does it pretty simply. I think Bosch does as well.

From video here.