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Cameras With An RS-485 Output To Drive A Pan Tilt Head

Can we get a list of these cameras going?

Has to be compatible with ExacQ. Anybody know any off the top of their head? Thanks for any and all feedback.

I believe the Axis P135x have RS485 outputs.

See data sheet: 'RS-485/422, 2 pcs, 2 pos, full duplex, terminal block'

Thanks John!

Arecont doesn't make any and I'm trying to provide a solution for the customer.

Axis is the only one you can think of off the top of your head? What about Bosch? Panasonic?

I'm curious why more manufacturers don't have an offering for this.

There certainly may be others but I suspect it's uncommon.

Why? 1% of users want this feature but they need to put it on 100% of the units of models they ship with it. As such, the extra cost (even if it's just a dollar or so) is rationally seen by most as waste.

Here is another camera (Samsung SNB-7002) that supports this feature. Oddly enough there was just a discussion about this camera last week you can read here