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Cameras Per Person Us/Canada?

How many cameras you think are in total in Canada? (Or in the US, which I imagine would be the next closest thing)

I am trying to figure out the ratio of cameras to people in Canada. Your thoughts?

Just surveillance cameras, I suppose? Including all cameras in homes, DIY, etc.?

Yes. It seems all the CCTV per capita statistics are for the UK (1 to 11, or 1 to 14, or 1 to 32), but I can't find anywhere statistics for Canada or the US.

And even those stats seem to be heavily politically motivated, with those for and against picking numbers to back their cause.

I think there are easily 50 million cameras in the US, maybe 100 million.

I am basing it on the number of business in the US - which is 6 to 7 million total (only counting business with employees). Clearly, most have surveillance cameras, as the price has plunged over the last 5 years, with Costco / big box retailers becoming sizeable players. And, of course, there are big businesses, with thousands or tens of thousands of cameras. That's why I think 50 million easily.

I'd guess maybe 1 surveillance camera for every 3 or 4 people.