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Camera Solution For Stairwells

Have an application involving 10 buildings with stairwells that require surveillance. An exit stair is usually located the bottom of the stair. Need views on the stairs and landings. Axis with the corridor feature is a start. Any other suggestions would be appreciated.

A few questions:

  • Are those stairways well lit 24/7 or are there periods where it is dark?
  • Do you want a budget camera or premium one? Do you need any advanced features? Audio? Analytics? etc.

Btw, lots of other manufacturers have the equivalent of Axis corridor mode.

In general. Stairs are very well lit when occupied. No need for after hrs video, except in a few locations where we will be leaving the lights on or adding illuminiation. No special analytics needed. Will require record-on-motion however.... and only premium cameras.

Also, who else has corridor view?

Jim, there's a whole list in the same link I provided above.

1 camera per floor?

Minimum number possible...but whatever it takes