Camera Side Motion Detection Guide

Would there be benefit to have a thread that documents Camera Side motion detection setup on different types of makes/models? I have setup up on Samsung, Axis, Sony but have a real challenge on others. Pelco for example seems to be a rolls Royce of analytics, but not simple setup for basic motion detection.

We have several screencasts covering VMD setup for manufacturers from our VMD Shootout / VMD Shootout II, Advanced VMD Test, and more. I'll copy what I can below.

I'm checking to see if we have one on Pelco. I do remember their event setup being a bit more complex.


Note that this is their basic pixel VMD, not the object VMD found on the analytic equipped cameras.

Axis VMD

Axis VMD 3




This was taken on older firmware but the basics remain the same.


Sony 6th/7th Gen