Camera Selection For Shadow Area / Video Analytic (Line Crossing) Recommendation

We are monitoring a fence line for intrusion/line crossing detection. The lighting from the lot is casting a shadow along the fence line, which is making it difficult to detect anything.

1) Any recommendations on perhaps setting changes in the camera, and/or perhaps a different camera altogether?

2) We are having issues with false alarms using the cameras built in video analytics (line crossing detection). Any recommendations on experience with video analytics that may actually work?

All suggestions are much appreciated.

First rough thought is to use / add IR illumination down the fenceline to help balance out / lighten to the dark area.

Related, what camera / analytics are you currently using?

We are using the line crossing detection built into the Hikvision 4MP Matrix IR Dome Cameras.

Is the image you shared the FoV of that camera? If so, can you consider adding a second camera with a higher focal length / narrower FoV that just aims down the fenceline? That could help improve the lighting of the fenceline area you want analyzed.

Consider changing out the 4MP with a Darkfighter model. Also, like John mentioned, a narrower AOV would help with pixel density, which should improve your analytics performance.

If the fence is the main interest, put the camera in corridor mode (after changing/adding as stated above).

Dear Gert,

Im struggling with the same issue. Do you mean turning the camera sideways? We also use Hikvision, can you automatically adjust the viewing angle in the cam so it displays well on all VMS and apps?


Some cameras have a corridor mode that allows the proportions/scale to be rotated. Instead of 16:9, it would be 9:16 I suppose.

Dear Undisclosed Integrator #1,

I was just wondering, since I'm struggling with the same issue, did you find the best solution for this challenge yet?

HIKvision seems to have a dark fighter maybe for this, in which they claim:

0.002 Lux @ (F1.2, AGC ON),
0.0027 Lux @ (F1.4, AGC ON),
0 Lux with IR

Any experiences on ones like these (anyone?)?


Serge, there are multiple models of Darkfighter. In general, though, they work quite well in low light, though how well depends on the version. Related: Hikvision Darkfighter 1/2" Imager Camera Tested

....and this is why people use thermal cameras. Yes, I'm from FLIR but we aren't the only game in town anymore. This is a perfect example.

Hi Greg,

I have 0 experience with thermal but thanks for the tip, the only usage of the cams would be in low light / night periods so maybe for the perimeter thermal is an option.

Any suggestions?


Ahh, prices range well over 3000 dollar, now i see the downside :)

Don't forget the super low resolution too....

The cost of thermal has been falling and detection is good but you would still want a low light camera for overview.

They work during bright daylight as well as darkness. This shadow problem can be the same in the middle of the day.

They aren't for everyone or everywhere.