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Cameras Failing To Display

I am not sure if anyone else has had this issue before and if they could help. We have been upgrading our older cameras to IP cameras and sometimes we will randomly get a camera that we can see when we us the IP but in our DVTel system the camera does not show up. HELP Please as this now is the third one we are having issues with.

"we can see when we us the IP but in our DVTel system the camera does not show up"

To clarify, you mean if you pull the camera's web page up, the video is displayed but if you try to connect / display it inside DVTel's VMS, it does not? I assume this but want to confirm.

Secondly, which manufacturer/model of IP camera? All the same type? DVTel cameras? Third party cameras?

Sounds like a Windows Firewall issue. Make sure you either have the Firewall Off or Disabled, or have the proper excemption setup in the Advanced Firewall Configuration (whichever DVTel prefers).

EDIT: I see that youre saying "randomly", its probably not a firewall issue then.... sorry.

John you are correct. One camera is a Panasonic(WV-SF135) and the other is a Dvtel Quasar + HD (CM-4221-10). Typically we have seen this issue when a camera loses signal or can't connect and once we rediscover this camera we run into this issue. Some of them come back when we rediscover them and then some do this.


All firewalls are currently off per our group policy.

George, could be an issue in the integration with Panasonic and DVTel. This is most certainly a DVTel question and their responsibility (presuming its not a faulty camera).

I'd get the firmware of the camera, the version of DVTel and talk to their support.

There's lot of reasons why a camera / VMS combinations can have problems so we'd only be speculating. This is why you should only use DVTel cameras! ;)

I've run into similar twitchy issues on Vigil DVRs before. The oddest one was with a Dahua minidome - one of a dozen on this site - that would come up perfectly in its web viewer, but not show in Vigil, despite the fact that Vigil specifically supports Dahua cameras because I sent them one for testing :) I made sure all cameras were using the latest firmware, did a hard reset on it, tweaked the settings all over the place, all to no avail.

The only thing I could come up with is that that one dome was an un-branded one we got through a local supplier, while the others (as far as I know) were all EYEsurv-branded from Nelly's... I remember when Sean started selling Dahua, he warned against using the firmwares he provided with cameras he didn't (don't recall the exact reasoning) and though, maybe there was something slightly different about the innards of this camera... so I swapped it for an EYEsurv model, and the problem went away.

IN THEORY, there should have been no difference between the two, and again, the sketchy one APPEARED to work perfectly outside of Vigil. At the moment, the removed camera is attached to the outside of my remote cabin where it's set to save a picture to SD card every two hours throughout the winter (should make a neat time-lapse) and when I closed up for the winter and left, it was doing that job nicely, so I don't think there was anything actually wrong with it, just some sort of weird compatibility glitch.

I'd say it's odd that George is having this problem with a DVTel camera on a DVTel NVR, but I've seen lots of issues with 3xLOGIC Vigil DVRs and 3xLOGIC VSX cameras (HIK OEMs) as well - there were lots of instances of having to match firmware to Vigil builds (one firmware for Vigil V5, another for V6 and later).