Where To Put Cameras High-Low Middle Room Or In Corner Under Eaves Etc.

I was having discussion with client on where to put cameras high-low middle room or in corner under eaves etc...What are guidelines or is it personal preference?

Interesting question. As we know, camera height has an enormous affect on camera usefulness. On the other hand, I don't think IPVM has published anything definitive on blind spots, which is of course going to be a concern as well.

A good rule of thumb is: as low as possible while still being difficult to break or blind, but of course if it looks ugly because the camera sticks out by being in the center of the wall, the customer is going to hate you.

We have a report with demonstrations here: Testing Camera Height vs Image Quality. And we just added in blind spot calculation into the calculator, example below:

People like to mount cameras very high, 15', 20' or more is commonplace. But if you need to see someone close to the building / pole / mount, good face shots or license plates will be next to impossible.

we just added blind spot calculation into the calculator

I stand corrected.

Gerald, it all depends on the site and the required view expected. Obviously, if there are obstructions either way, you are best to avoid them. In a retail environment, you are likely to see many. Hanging signs may force you to mount below them. In other areas, you may have shelving that forces you to mount higher to see over them. As a general rule of thumb, you mount as close to eye level for identifying shots as you can. For overview shots, you may want to go higher, in order to cover more area, but you do so at the risk of reducing overall PPF.

Bottom line, there isn't a hard fast rule. Each view will need evaluated independently.