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Camera Module Specification Help

Hello friends,

Some times going to buy Camera modules. There are specifications like...

1/3 420tvl(38603+RJ2321)

1/4 420tvl(38603+icx643)

1/4 420tvl(36B15+RJ2421)

1/3 420TVL?3142+633?



Double Scan CCD

1/3 600TVL RJ11+ICX639



etc., etc.

So what is a fundamental of those numbers? How to decide good PCB module?

Devendra, we have guidelines and recommendations in our camera rfp report. Please take a look.

As for the specifics of your example, typically a larger imager (1/3") is better than smaller (1/4"). The term 'double scan' evidently refers to multi-frame capture / true WDR.

Effio is an analog offering that I do not know much about. However, this site claims that "E got Gamma WDR, P got real WDR. But E is offered as more cost effective."