Camera Layout - Design Tools - Is There Room For Another One?

I'm not sure what % of IPVM users are integrators, so I read many past threads regarding design tools to gauge if I should commercialize my own tools. I'd be curious to know the top complaints with any tool you are currently using, to see if my tools are worthy, or would be of interest.

What does your design tools do? That would help people determine if there is interest.

It began as a simple tool to output P/F charts for any camera, where it pulls from your database of cameras and automatically outputs scaled arcs. You define every aspect of the look and feel of each arc. Descriptions, colors, the scale, transparency. etc. I'm able to output hundreds of scaled arcs, across a cameras Varifocal range in a matter of seconds and have these are usable art to drop onto any document type. We've added other features, P/F restrictions, Sq/ft values, camera and subject heights, ..... We're can output these onto clear acetate scaled for blue print "what-if" sessions..