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Camera Housing With Wiper To Use In Quarries


We are searching for an weather proof camera housing with ir illumination and wiper to install in quarries.

Anyone can recommend it?

Do you recommend it with or without tank water?

Or do you recommend other solution?

Thank you.

Does it have to come with integrated/built in IR or can you use external separate IR illuminators. Not that I am an expert in housing with wipers but I am pretty familiar with integrated IR cameras and can think of none that has wipers built in.


We acept both options.

The biggest problem is that after 1-2 days and because of dust, the camera don't see nothing.

I enjoy questions like these, so I have to ask: what is being quarried? Granite? limestone? etc?

The substrate is important in determining the type of wiper and cleaning solution a camera housing needs.

Agreed, if you're getting gritty dust buildup, you'd really want to give it a GOOD spraying down first... maybe even forego the wiper altogether, as that would serve more to scratch the glass if any dust was still present.

I know the Pelco Esprit PTZs come with (or have available as an option) a wiper for the glass... doesn't appear from their product guides that this feature is available on separate housings, though.

You might look at the Bosch MIC Series 550 IR Camera. Also available with a washer kit. Informational Marketing video here

That looks like it could functionally meet the specification though it seems pricing is $4,000+, yes/no?

MSRP is ~$10K - Depending on configuration (analog or IP, mounting accessories, etc...) A helpful configuration tool is available here. This will compile an equipment list based upon application needs.


Any idea how can it clean the glass, if the dust is from cement?

I really think the solution must have a water/liquid tank. Any other idea?


Mad CCTV specialises in this kind of housings. They don't list the water tank on their website, but Ricoh-Pentax as their distributor have it on their price list.

Brings up another interesting question - anyone know of any good glass-coating products to add significant non-stick qualities for different types of dust? Perhaps by making use of static charge to repel specific types of particles based on their electro-chemical properties? I would think some digging around in the world of industrial coatings could reveal some interesting options, and might help reduce the need for wiping / washing.

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"Dust" and "industrial" bring up yet another idea: Thera are a few enclosures for machine-vision cameras which use a wind curtain to keep dust and other stuff from even reaching the glass. Problem is that you would need a source of pressurized air.

A wind curtain is precisely what we need. Pressurised air source is no problem. Do have any product detail?

Enclosures for machine vision cameras: autoVimation They have a wind curtain option for their Salamander and Orca enclosures: Link

There is also APG, but I don't have any experience with them. Their 35C and 47C enclosures can be ordered with an air curtain.

We have made a special type of housing with Maylar film technology.So you only have to change the film once a year instead of filling the tank and changing the wiper's blade.

It uses the same technology of Videotec EXHD but in normal housings and the price is lower than normal housing+washer&wiper

I can send you the info if you are interested.


Please send more info to


Alireza, All, if you have a product to offer, share a link to an overview in the comment. This eliminates each person interested from having to publish their email address, etc.

John & Luis,

I am currently in Shenzhen (China) for CPSE show and unfortunately I don’t have access to finalized catalog and images.

I can share some pre design documents that are in my notebook and send you the catalogs later.

The idea of making this housing came from Videotec, We have installed their EXHD enclosures in 10 oil platforms 4 years ago.

The platforms are 150km across the sea (an access by helicopter takes one hour) unmanned with the weather of up to 55C and 90% Humidity so filling the tank and changing the wiper blade was a big issue. The client is satisfied because they only have changed the Mylar film once within these 4 years and they have to change it again soon. The problem with Videotec’s housing is the price and weight (3500$ + 25Kg) because of critical places that is designed for. So we started to make similar housing with fewer price(~1/10) and weight (4.5kg).

We have finished design and manufacturing of the housing 6 month ago and after several tests and couple of changes it completed on October first.

According to our prediction we can deliver the first orders by the end of this month.

Wish to know your idea about it.

Housing Design

Housing Dimension

Hello Alireza,

Kindly provide info and pricing for your Mylar film housing. Thanks



what is the best solution for housing in the desert (Sahara) with temperatures reaching 50 ° day and night -5 °, without forgetting the sandstorm.