Camera Finder Never Finishes Loading Table


Not sure if I'm alone here, but I've been trying to use the Camera Finder for several days now, and have not been able to get any results. I just get a message in the corner that it's 'Loading'

I have tried on two different machines (Windows 7 Pro) with three different browsers (IE 11, Chrome & Firefox) and they all do the same. I left one up for over an hour and it never finished. I have the latest Java JRE version 8 update 45. I have cleared cache/cookies, rebooted the machine, even installed Firefox on one of the machines and the first place I went to was the camera finder... alas all with the same results.

I am not having any trouble with any other sites or bandwidth issues.

You can do all the selections in the header that you want, but never get results.

Any clues?


It seems to work for me. I did a search and got two cameras that match, here is the link it generated to the search results,

does it hang as well?

Bill, sorry about the problem!

I just verified that the Finder works for me, so that implies one of two scenarios:

  • There's a bug breaking the Finder for your setup (machine, browser, etc.)
  • There's something wrong with your PC.

In terms of specifics, the Finder does not require Java so that is not an issue. It does require Javascript, so if that is disabled, that would explain the problem.

When I disable Javascript, it shows loading like so:

Is that similar to what you are seeing?