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Camera Embedded With Cellular Modem

Hi everyone,

We typicallly integrate these solutions and looking for something that is "DIY" for outdoor cameras utilizing commercial network (of course, i acknowledge the bandwidth limitation!).

Q-1) Will camera manufacturer see a value add in integrating a cellular modem in the camera?

Q-2) Any integrated camera+ cellular modem solution with the smallest foot print (unlike video alarm enclosures and PODSS).



Nirmal - The only camera manufacturer I am aware of with a built-in 4G cellular modem is E-Line, unfortunately these cameras do not appear to be ONVIF conformant and only work with edge storage and their "cloud service". I doubt these will connect to any standard VMS platform.

Back as an integrator, I was doing some testing installing 3G/4G routers in Dotworkz D3 housings with PTZ cameras as they had enough room in the housing for it.

Thanks John! Appreciate your response.

Have a look at at this unit from Brickcom Camera Search and Compare | Brickcom Corporation

Although this is not a DIY camera.

Are you looking to make a DIY camera with cellular modem?



Hi Jim - I am familiar with Brickcom but haven't used their cameras in any applicatioyes I have few big opportunities which prompted us to look for an integrated diy type solution

There are some pretty small modems you could put with a brick style IP camera in an outdoor enclosure...


or something else similar?

seems you could find a compact rugged modem to pair up with cameras and housing to create something easy to deploy... Good luck!