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Related, here is our tutorial video for the Calculator below:

Again, need help, have a suggestion, just ask in the comments.

Is there a way to set height of camera?  Was looking to use this for the first time and I have some cameras that will be installed on 80' light towers. Seems to me that I will not get accurate data if the height isn't taken into consideration.

The Calculator V3 application does not have the option to set camera height and estimate the blind spot under the camera. It also can not estimate down tilt. Axis, other camera manufacturers, and other system design tools have that feature. A past release of the Calculator had that as well, but with the new Google Earth API design, it is much more complicated. We have seen and heard the many requests for that feature.

Same question as the above.  

So does IPVM plan to add at least camera height in the future?

Marco, thanks for the inquiry, it is something we plan on implementing. We've met multiple times in the last couple weeks, looking at multiple features to implement based on volume of requests and complexity of development within the interface.

Hi there, is there a way to adjust the view (to allow for 4 lens options) for an Arecont Omni 20175DN camera?

The listing for AV20175DN-NL shows all 6 lens options for this camera:

This is a multi-imager camera, but this listing will only display one image. To model the multi-image view, simply stack 4 copies of this model with the lens options and positioning you choose. You can see an example here


Having some trouble with accessing the camera calculator; it seems that when i attempt to access it without logging in, it will work fine. Once i log in, it will hang. Is this a common issue?


Thank you.


That is typically caused by the security settings on your network or computer. Please make sure is whitelisted. Also, make sure this URL is whitelisted as well.

If changing those settings does not work, let me know. Thanks. 

when i use the calculator it comes up with the tutorial and I cant select cameras?

I will look into that for you. Please email a screenshot to


Did you try adding a camera? The default is for the tutorial and Help Guide link to show up until you click on the "Add Camera" button. Try this out, and let us know if that works, or are you not able to add any cameras?


Please add a camera, Panasonic WV-S2250L.

Greg Cook



I have added WV-S2250L to the calculator. 


If there are any other models you need, please email Thanks.

Thanks for adding the camera Ryan.

Question regarding PPF calcs and corridor mode. When I shift to corridor mode on any camera with that capability does the calculator then use what is normally the vertical pixel count to calculate PPF?



Regarding PPF in corridor mode, its still simply the ratio of Pixels divided by FoV width in feet. So because of the known width-to-height ratios of 16:9, 4:3, etc resolutions, it doesn't really matter.

As an example:

1920 pixels / 16 foot FoV (width) = 120 PPF

1080 pixels / 9 foot FoV (height) = 120 PPF

Because you can't increase the width without increasing the height (by those known width-to-height ratios), distance and lens width increases or decreases simply cause the FoV dividing number to increase or decrease the PPF.

Even if you flip the view to 9:16 or 3:4, they're all the same calculations.

Hi, Need help.. my IPVM Calculator doesn't show the street view on the right side.. 


We are aware of the issue and our development team is working with Google to resolve. Thanks for your patience, I will post when it is resolved, and send you an email to confirm.


The issue has been temporarily been fixed, we are currently working on a permanent fix. Unfortunately, on existing projects, for the Streetview images to show up in the Simulated View, you will need to move the cameras slightly to refresh the Streetview image connection.

Thanks Sean, Hope you fix it because i have 2 projects with around 400+ cameras and it's a little bit frustrating to unlock and move each camera just to refresh the street view.  appreciate your support. thank you.

how to use calculator without simulated view and facial images only?


Are you asking about exporting only the camera overviews and not the simulated or facial images? If so, there are not any options for exporting to exclude the Simulated View and/or Simulated Person panes.

We have discussed advanced options for exporting, which could include features like this, but there are other features and capabilities currently in development.

Let me know if that is not what you are asking.

thank you for your prompt response.

It is the simulated view which causes confusion not the person or number plate.

The simulated view keeps popping up even if it has no relation to the actual camera scene and is cofusing specially the board with numbers which is completely out of focus in contrast to the projected camera shot.

The simulated view will either be a Google Streetview image (where available), one of a set of stock scenes, or a custom user uploaded scene. The scene can be adjusted manually in within the Simulated View pane as well.

You can switch and adjust the scenes in the Simulated View pane:

Does that help?

Is there a way to duplicate multiple cameras. Since most multi-sensor cameras are shown using a single imager for now, it'd be nice to be able to copy 2 or 4 cameras at once to reflect one multi-sensor camera used else on the floor plan.

Unfortunately, there is no way to duplicate more than one camera at a time. We are going to be tackling multi-imagers in one of our next major updates.

Please check the footage calculations for the Axis P3807 multisensor 180 camera. When expanding how wide the camera can see the footage on google earth is way off. If I extend the camera to cover the entire backside of a building it says the building is about 1500' instead of about 500'.

Can you share a screen capture of this? It's working for me using the non-scientific standard of 90' to from home to first:

Thanks for the email, I see now that the width is calculated for a full 360 degree FoV, not a 180 degree FoV.

Just to clarify for yourself and other users, the Width field is the measurement of the curved semi-circle circumference, not the distance from point to point at the ends of the semi-circle (which would be 2 x Distance). In this specific example the calculation is 2 times too big, but this is where the measurement comes from:

Thanks for the heads up, we will fix that issue.

The calculator page is not loading.

The calculator is down, again, in Chrome. On ie it will not import a drawing. 


Sorry to hear that, Steve. Please email the Permalink for your project and the drawing you are trying to import to, and I will look into that for you.

I am trying to put the Axis M3106 camera into corridor format and it says anything above 120 degrees will not do this but this camera will.


This is a known limitation in the Calculator based on the Google interface, we are looking at ways to improve this.

Trying to pull a report but seeing full blue camera coverage when I export it (either PDF or DOC format). Any ideas?

Can you share an image of the issue you're having? Are you saying you can't see the green area of the individual camera that should be highlighted?

Camera Tilt: Should I use this option to adjust/compensate for blind spots when placing cameras on an image or should the camera location be adjusted accordingly.

Is there any way to maintain the quality of a PDF when adding as a floor plan? Seems that the calculator heavily compresses the PDF and quality turns out to be pretty poor/low resolution.

Good question UM14, the Calculator handles floor plan imports in the following manner:


  • The Calculator ensures that the floor plans and cameras are all in the viewport at the minimum zoom level. What can happen is, the overview will appear zoomed out quite a bit, but if the calculator zooms in one level more, the cameras and floor plan are not in view (which the Calculator will not allow).
  • Even if the floor plan itself is pretty high fidelity and filled with very fine lines, at a zoomed out level some of them will be hard to make out.
  • If either side of the image is greater than 5000 pixels, the Calculator scales the floor plan down until *one* side is below 5000 pixels (keeping the aspect ratio). If either side is less than 1200 pixels, we enlarge the image until that side is above 1200 pixels (keeping the aspect ratio)

You can email me directly at, and we can look at your specific project to make sure nothing else is happening.


Can you please fix the following in the calculator?


Hikvision camera model DS-2CD2542FWD-IS

There are three different versions that they manufacture. 2.8mm, 4mm and 6mm fixed focal length. In the calculator they are all under one and I am forced to manually adjust the focal length once the camera is on the layout. I only know the focal length by checking the spec sheet.


If you could fix this, it would be great! As I use those cameras quite often.


Thank you! 

Sorry about that. I have corrected that model to show the 3 different AoV options. Thanks for bringing it to our attention.

Thanks Ryan! That really helps. 

Is there a way to close the right side of the calculator? Would be nice to just view the map side alone. 


Thanks for the question; there is no way to close the control/input pane of the calculator, or resize it in any way. I agree that would be nice and will add that to our development/feature roadmap.

I have a ongoing problem, when you add a label to the calculator and type out "map 1" and then as you work zooming in and out around the calculator adding cameras the text of your label shrinks down to where it is unreadable. 


Thanks for your feedback, we are looking at an added feature to allow users to manually resize labels so they are properly scaled for exports.

The labels are statically sized at the zoom level they are created. It is a limitation of the Label Tool from Google Maps, which doesn't allow for automatic resizing or scaling.


I'm putting together a project with 16 fixed cameras, all the exact same model but I'm having to go into the select camera, pick the vendor, pick the model process for every single one.  Is there a way to globally pick a camera model to apply to all cameras at one time?


You can actually right click on that camera and duplicate it as many times as needed. The process is detailed here. If that function is not working, please let us know.


As Ryan mentioned there is no way to globally change existing cameras in a project, but once you place the first camera you can duplicate it as many times as you need.

One additional option is to use the Favorite Camera function. When you set a camera as a favorite, it will always be listed at the top of the model list. This will be useful if you are creating multiple projects with similar camera models on each:

Hi, I raised this question before but not having much success.

I would like to use the camera calculator without having any images, I have followed instruction by not selecting the images but it is doing its own thing and I am getting images next to the camera/scene choice which are entirely inappropriate.

I am happy with the facial images.

very frustrated any help?

i have a default black image that i always use if i do not have a sample photo to put into the calculator, i used to pick the hallway image and just move the camera to the dark spot on the wall but the default black image looks more professional. 

Good feedback and idea Travis. Another option would be to upload your company logo or customer's logo.


Can you attach a screenshot of your issue?

The Simulated Views and Simulated Person Panes can both be minimized during use, but currently, there is no option for not including them in Exports (we have looked at adding that as a feature).

The Simulated View will default to Google Streetview imagery, where it is available, and we include 8 stock generic scenes that can be selected. Additionally, you can upload your own image (from the install location if you have it, or generic):

why are is the simulated views appearing on my camera calculator even though I select it not to be shown?


Do you mean on your exported projects? There is currently not an option to disable Simulated Views on Exports. It is on a list of feature requests for future additions to the Calculator.

While designing a system, if you minimize the Simulated View pane for one camera, it will stay minimized for all cameras:

Can I enter coordinates in Lat , Long or Google + codes ?


I tried and cannot get to the desired location. Sometimes name of the place in not enough...


Are you asking about Map Location or Camera location?

For Map Location, it only recognizes named places (City/Town, State/Province, etc). There are rare occasions when a Latitude and Longitude will bring up a map location, but you can't use strictly Lat and Long for Changing Map location:

For camera location, once you place the camera, go to the Location, Description, Notes Panel, and edit the Latitude and Longitude settings:

If I customize my camera views from photos shot at my site, when I change FoV, will it show what the camera will see in my uploaded scene?

If so, what is the best photo setting to use when photographing the scene view on site?


Great question!

The important thing to note when using your own photos for Simulated Views is the FoV of the camera you are using to capture the image. Typical smartphone lenses vary between 55-65 degrees, and you will need to have a good estimate of that when loading your image in for the Simulated View.

Many cameras deployed will utilize a wider field of view that your smartphone, so you may need to use a panoramic image capture settings to capture a 90-120 degree FoV.

With those points in mind, when you change the FoV of the camera on the Calculator, it will show (variable based on the accuracy of your FoV estimate) what the scene will look like on site.

Last night it appear as though there was a new feature in the calculator, tilt.  Now this morning that's gone and so it half my work on the design I was working on.  Did something happen or am I just imaging this?

The Blind Spot/Tilt feature is gone? Can you attach a screenshot?

We added in a button to hide the control sidebar, is it possible you just minimized it?

Additionally, any project work should autosave, so if you lost work, we probably need to set up a call to look at your system.


when adding a certain type of camera the Calculator map, it becomes darker and darker as i add more cameras of that type, until it is compleatly black.  I have only found this issue with the DS-2DP1636Z-D -  180° option.  Do you know what is the reason ?




Thanks for the feedback, I am able to duplicate this issue and will follow up directly. I tested out a few different 180 degree models and they do not cause the same problem.




when exporting to any format, part of the data (such as ppm and camera height) in the exported file is obstructed by the picture.  The reason seam to be that the thumbnail showing the type of camera, forces the text data to the third text line. In turn ending up behind the picture.  See comparison of a export with a generic camera and a specific one.

Data obscured by picture - Specific camData OK - Generic camera

Thank you for pointing this out David, we are able to duplicate this issue and will update here when the fix is in place.

Thanks, keep up the good work :)

This has been addressed, thanks again!

Can you add the GeoVision AVD4710? You already have the AVD8710 so it should be an easy one.



The AVD4710 is already in the calculator:

Let me know if you need anything else added.


In the Calculator, Hikvision model DS-2CD4A26FWD-IZHS8/P has two lens options, 2.8-12mm and 8-32mm, which is correct, but the associated AOV for the corresponding lens is swapped. In the Calculator the 2.8-12mm is representing a 13.5-42.2 degree lens and the 8-32mm is representing a 32-92 degree lens.

Thanks for pointing that out Jon, we will update that so it is correct.

This has now been corrected. Thanks for bringing it to our attention, Jon.


how to use the calculator without getting any scenes? 

the scenes are not appropriate, yes for the simulated person but not the scenes please.


I added a feature request for a "blank" or plain white scene to be an option to choose from.

In the meantime, you can upload a plain white JPEG or BMP file (save a blank image in Windows Paint) to the camera Scenes window, however you will need to upload it for each camera individually.

We added the option for a blank white scene in "Simulated Views" selector:

Selecting that will leave the area above the Simulated Person/License Plate blank on exports:

I'm still learning this tool.

I intend to use this tool to provide a report to the customer. Having said that, more discussion in this tutorial on using custom views of customer site and the limitations would help in making the report more specific to the customers environment. Specifically, how you photograph the scene, what do you record, what scene parameters are best captured and how the scene shot interacts with the camera selection and parameter adjustments.

Just saying.

Ththhank you

It seems I found two bugs:

-with an export to pdf the first camera isn’t zoomed in, also nr six didn’t look great.


- when changing from landscape, to portrait and back again, the ppm doesn’t match the actual view

When using the CSV export, the notes section is truncated. Would be nice to have a complete export of all notes. I can provide examples if needed.

May I request the Sensera SiteWatch PRO2 to be added to the Calculator? Thank you!

Is there anyway to suppress the model numbers of the cameras for customer presentation?

There is not, I will add that to our feature requests list. Is it just a model number that you would want hidden?

A workaround would be to export in PPT or Word DOC format and paste in a blank square image over the Model field.

Thanks for the input and your first comment!

When checking off "Show camera blind spot" - what does the shaded and unshared area mean?  I "think" that the shared area means that the area has limited view?


The "Show camera blind spot" toggle simulates the area under a camera that is not within the camera's field of view, based on Camera Height, Width of FoV (e.g. 180/360 fisheye have no blind spot), and Tilt. The unshaded area is the blind spot, while the green/blue shaded area is where the camera can see. The "Distance to blind spot" output is where the camera FoV first intersects the ground:

Our full report/announcement with 2-minute demonstration video is posted here: Camera Height / Blind Spot Added to IPVM Camera Calculator



It seems I can't add floor plans anymore. I tried PNG and PDF but no result.

Any idea?


Thanks a lot

Hello Yoeri,

I just emailed you regarding this issue. Please respond with the requested information and I will take a closer look.

I'm new here and have been trying to take in the vast amount of helpful content available. 

The Camera calculator is fairly intuitive and I was able to pick it up fast except I have not found an option to exclude the example images and Street View section from the right side of the view.  I have several residential jobs in the works and just don't need that portion to appear.  Also when doing a workup we want to add the specific cameras but I do not necessarily wish to tell a prospective client every single camera and detail for placement and then not get the job having armed them with everything they need to shop it themselves.  Is there something I am missing here?

We have a "Blank Scene" option that allows for a blank white scene in "Simulated Views" selector:

Selecting that will leave the area above the Simulated Person/License Plate blank on exports:

The other option is to export your project as a PPT or DOC format, which allows you to edit the export and crop parts of the export out that you do not need.

Hi Sean

Thanks- that is what I missed. I did cut out what I did not need but it was an unwanted step.  I'll re-do one with blank scene to verify but feel that will solve part of it.

Also though after doing the export when I am prepping the package to market to the customer I have all the cam specs including the model etc showing across the top.  I want that info available for me but if I do not choose to share it can that be unchecked?

Sorry, I missed that question originally, that option (and other "advanced export options") is on our roadmap, we have received that request before. Unfortunately, I can't estimate a specific timeline for that being added to our production system, but as we get more requests, that can bump features up in line, so thanks for your input.

I typically will export to Word and remove the cam spec info. Then save as pdf for customer presentation

Fair enough and thanks for the response


Forgive me if this has already been asked. Any opportunity to export to vsdx for added external markings for gates, doors, roi, etc...

This is not currently on our roadmap. We will look into it and see what that implementation will look like. I found some applications that supported exporting to Visio formats, and other open platform suggestions to export to WMF or EMF, which are vector graphic formats that Visio supports.

Working with a new layout and tried to select a PNM-7000VD . Idea being using a dual imager on a single drop to give better coverage and run less cable.  On the camera calculator though I am seeing PNM-7000VD (Single Imager) and I think this is incorrect?  or maybe I just misunderstand...

Below a previous writeup on IPVM called this a dual imager as I would expect  If this was actually giving the dual capability in the calculator maybe we could show both areas on the calculator from the single device?  Thanks

The Calculator does not support multi-imager devices yet, it is on our roadmap, and something we have been researching how to implement accurately.

We label all repositional multi-imager cameras with a "Single Imager" note so that it is clear that each imager needs to be represented independently. Non-repositional multi-imagers that typically stitch their views are represented by 180 or 360-degree views.

Need more google street view to be added in GCC countries

Thanks for the feedback, we do not have control of the StreetView imaging that is made available in the Google Maps API.

As a workaround, you can import custom scenes if you take a picture of the street/parking lot/exterior space that you want to add to your project:

Adding / Using Your Own Simulated View

Images of the site can be uploaded if you want a view of what the camera will be seeing when installed (using a picture taken at the install location). You can select the image and give it a name. The Uploaded Scene is per camera. You will also need to set the Angle of View of the picture. If taken with a cellphone, the average FoV is between 50-70 degrees, so move the slider below 90, but not more than halfway to 0.

I have a project any one professional with new camera calculator v3

Export function beings to start, but never completes. I have attempted to export both snapshots and .pdfs. 



Scott, we will look into this for you. I just sent you an email requesting some more details.

Is there a specific iPad user guide for Calculator v3? Or more specifically what the limitations are when using V3 with an IPad?

Steve, thanks for your first comment. Welcome!

There is not a mobile-version of the Calculator (nor mobile-specific guide), it is something we are planning to build in the future.

The Calculator runs on mobile browsers, but some of the primary limitations are the "right-click" menus on cameras and floorplans are difficult to access, which means you cannot use the major funtions like "Duplicate Camera", or delete a floorplan once it is uploaded.

Adding, moving and adjusting camera operations work okay, but a typical Android or iOS on-screen-keyboard takes up significant screen space when trying to select a specific camera model:

With all the thousands of cameras now in the calculator, is there a plan either flag or offer a filter to filter out cameras not being currently sold? I have had it happen now a few times where I added a camera to a project only to find out later that it has be EOLed. Thanks!

Thanks for the feedback, we will be adding a selectable option to show/hide end of life cameras.

Quick question(s), how did you find out later that the camera was EoL? How much later after the design was completed were the cameras EoL?

As a sales engineer at an integrator I would typically only know if I manually checked the manufacturer's website, or an updated pricelist (e.g. Axis and Hanwha update their pricelist for End of Life cameras).

I was pulling together cut sheets and going to the manufacturer's website to get them to make sure I had current docs and found a few cameras were EoL. The design was not finalized just yet thankfully, but I did have to go back and update a bunch of stuff. I realize nothing is going to be perfect, but I figure the more chances to catch something, the better. Thanks!

I know it isn't available yet, but can you add the Axis P3719-PLE.

It would also save time to have a 180 and 270 degree configuration for these types of cameras in addition to the 360.

Can we get the Axis Q874#-LE cameras changed from bullet to PTZ?

When I plan using the tool and they show as a bullet fixed cam it doesn't accurately show the coverage provided by the camera.

David, these models have now been corrected, as shown in the example below:

Thanks for the speedy fix

It would be really nice if we could make a generic camera be a PTZ as well.

I have a few cameras in a project that are from a small manufacturer and are not in the calculator but are PTZ. When showing the project to stakeholders it would be nice if they they had the circle.

I have a few cameras in a project that are from a small manufacturer and are not in the calculator but are PTZ.

David, we are happy to add in any camera from even small manufacturers. Let us know here or email us at and we will get it added within 24 hours.

Hi there,

The camera is an infiniti PHX-39X-TI

It has a 1/2.8" Exmor progressive scan CMOS is 1920X1080.

Min illumination is 0.05LUX for color and 0.0008 LUX for BW. It has a ZLID laser as well.

It is auto focus and auto shutter speed between 1/50 to 1/10,000.

It's a PTZ and has a 8-315mm lens


Hi David,

This camera is now in the calculator as you requested. I also emailed you with the specifics. If you need any further adds or need anything else please email me at

Hi guys,

Would it be possible to add a measuring tool to the calculator? I use Visio a lot and love the measuring option there.

I find myself using a spare camera to get distances on floor plans when planning camera layouts. Sometimes the spare camera gets overlooked and I'll forget to delete it. This then leads to confusion later on.

Thanks guys.

You can use a single segment of the Polyline Tool as a ruler. From the Calculator Guide:

Using Polyline as a Ruler

The Polyline tool will display the total length of the line when you draw it and have it highlighted. To use it as a ruler, select the Polyline tool, click where you want to start your measurement, and then click twice where you want to measure. The Calculator will display the length in feet or meters.

The Calculator does not support a multi-segment line, just a single line.

Thanks Sean! that should do it.

This is all i see when i sign in and then go to calculator, it does in on my laptop and desktop, in chrome and Internet Explorer. Please help!


We have seen that issue before when a project has an error on loading and thought we had it fixed a few months ago. It is typically due to a camera distance getting set to 0 feet/meters. I sent you an email to get the Calculator running again.

There are some features that will make the tool very useful, and my life easier:
- multi layer with the ability to show and hide layers
- multi lens Camera support without stacking multiple copies

- the ability to export an image in high-resolution snapshot so I can zoom into details offline

Can you elaborate on what you mean by multi-layer? Different camera layers? Floor plan layers? We are open to adding new features to our roadmap, I just want to make sure we understand the request/feature.

Multi-imager support has been on our roadmap, we want to make sure it is accurate and functional, which is complicated given the different mechanical variables of different multi-imagers. From our Repositionable Multi-Imager Camera Shootout:

Are you looking for a higher resolution than the current Snapshot export (1280x720), or something else? We can look at options for that.

Hi Sean,

By multilayer I mean the ability to group labels, annotations and cameras into groups that can be shown/hidden together. This of course is the simplest form, this piped up as I wanted to propose multiple options for the same project or segmenting cameras.
For snapshot export sometimes I don’t have internet access and want to discuss something with the client, so I should be able to export a single image for my project that I can use to zoom into details. Currently if I want to do that, I have to snapshot the project, zoom in to each area and snapshot it.

Can't zoom in past city block level. I just imported a floor plan. Sized it against the building on the map but can't zoom in to place and adjust cameras. The screenshot below is a zoomed in as I can get.


Thank you for the feedback, we are looking at ways we can increase the zoom capabilities beyond what Google offers, without negatively impacting Calculator performance.

We are limited to the zoom levels provided by Google Maps API, however, if you switch to Map from Satelite, or to Blank (in the lower left-hand corner), that will allow increased zoom levels:

As a workaround, you can switch to Map/Blank view, and import a snapshot from Google Earth (if that provides closer zoom capabilities) as a floorplan, and then import your actual floorplan over that. Calculator Guide link: Importing Google Satellite Image as Floorplan

I can zoom in on my phone much more than on a PC

This is likely because the Phone version only displays the Map background, not Satellite, and Google offers greater zoom capabilities on Map mode. We will be adding Satellite and Blank backgrounds to the Phone version.

Beyond that, because the Phone version restricts the view due to resolution and menu overlays more than the PC/Desktop version, it can seem like it offers a higher level of zoom. However, the zoom limits (Map, Satellite, Blank) are identical on Phone and Desktop, as we are using the same Maps API for both.

I see. Thanks.